Honeymoon November 19, 2001

Our Honeymoon started with a few hours on an airplane to the US Virgin Islands. We started at the Renaissance Resort.  By the time we got there the first day was almost over. The pictures below are starting the next morning.

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The view from our room.

hny0269S.JPG hny0270S.JPG hny0271S.JPG
hny0272S.JPG hny0273S.JPG hny0274S.JPG hny0275S.JPG
hny0276S.JPG hny0277S.JPG hny0278S.JPG hny0279S.JPG
hny0280S.JPG hny0281S.JPG

Cruise ships

hny0282S.JPG hny0283S.JPG
hny0284S.JPG hny0285S.JPG hny0286S.JPG hny0287S.JPG

Naomi :)


From the sky lift which goes to the top of the mountain

hny0290S.JPG hny0291S.JPG
hny0292S.JPG hny0293S.JPG hny0294S.JPG hny0295S.JPG
hny0296S.JPG hny0297S.JPG hny0298S.JPG hny0299S.JPG
hny0300S.JPG hny0301S.JPG hny0302S.JPG hny0303S.JPG
hny0304S.JPG hny0305S.JPG hny0306S.JPG hny0307S.JPG
hny0308S.JPG hny0309S.JPG hny0310S.JPG hny0311S.JPG
hny0312S.JPG hny0313S.JPG hny0314S.JPG hny0315S.JPG
hny0316S.JPG hny0317S.JPG hny0318S.JPG hny0319S.JPG

Blackbeard's Castle

hny0320S.JPG hny0321S.JPG hny0322S.JPG
hny0323S.JPG hny0324S.JPG hny0325S.JPG hny0326S.JPG
hny0327S.JPG hny0328S.JPG hny0329S.JPG hny0330S.JPG
hny0331S.JPG hny0332S.JPG

Sunset from Blackbeard's Castle

hny0333S.JPG hny0334S.JPG
hny0335S.JPG hny0336S.JPG hny0337S.JPG hny0338S.JPG
hny0339S.JPG hny0340S.JPG hny0341S.JPG hny0342S.JPG
hny0343S.JPG hny0344S.JPG hny0345S.JPG hny0346S.JPG
hny0347S.JPG hny0348S.JPG hny0349S.JPG hny0350S.JPG
hny0351S.JPG hny0354S.JPG hny0358S.JPG hny0359S.JPG
hny0362S.JPG hny0363S.JPG

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