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On November 17, 2001 Naomi did me the honor of marrying in a small chapel in Daytona Beach, Florida called the Wedding Chapel in the Garden.  It is a small chapel built in the 1800s which was once an Episcopal church.  The chapel and gardens are absolutely beautiful and a wonderful setting for a wedding. 

We started the day by going to the hairdresser so Naomi could get her hair put up and I got a trim.  Afterwards we went by the bakery and viewed the cake followed by a short trip to the hotel to drop off miscellaneous things for the reception with Duncan.  On the way to the Chapel it rained hard but stopped about an hour before the service.  Once we got to the chapel, we had the minor setbacks, the chapel was locked, my sister was lost and I was probably more nervous than I have ever been in my life.  We finally found someone to unlock the chapel about 10 minutes before the service was to start and Naomi & I went into separate rooms to change into our wedding getup.

The service was simple but nice and Naomi looked so beautiful when she came in the front door of the chapel with the gardens in the background. We had parents, grandfather, sister and NB friends who attended. After the service, we had to persuade our guests to give up the rice and start blowing bubbles.

  We then drove about 10 miles to the Adam's Mark Hotel on Daytona Beach for the reception with some old shoes, cans, etc. in tow behind Angelisa.  We had a beautiful room on the oceanfront and Duncan at the Adam's Mark did a wonderful job for us, made us feel like family. We would highly recommend anyone planning to stay in the area or planning an event to look up Duncan. I am sure he remembers the Beetle people.  Click on "Reception" below for the continued story. 

You can view photos by following the instructions at: View Wedding Photos

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