June 26, 2004

Day 15 of 16
We started this day in New Orleans having breakfast at our hotel. They had a very nice buffet which included all the normal breakfast stuff plus a chef making omelets and waffles. I had sausages, grits, fresh fruits, yogurt and a Cajun omelet which included shrimps, crawfish and spicy peppers. Heather has a strawberry waffle, fresh fruits and sausage. Naomi had fresh fruits, biscuit with butter balls and their signature Banana fosters waffle with vanilla ice cream. Breakfast was wonderful.
After breakfast we checked out and headed for the Farmer's Market before leaving town. Finding parking around the market wasn't easy and it was about to rain, but we finally found a place to park and got into the market before the rains started. We wondered around for about 30 minutes and picked up a few things and then headed out of town around 12:30.
Almost immediately it started to rain and rain and rain. It rained until about 8 pm with only about a 30 minute break. After crossing into Mississippi we drove down the beach in Biloxi and Naomi got her toes wet in the sand. But it was still raining at the time and the sand was really wet, so we only stopped long enough for a couple of pictures. This was our last stop on vacation :(
After crossing into Florida we thought the weather was finally going to break, we actually saw sunshine for about 15 minutes then it got really ugly. The rain came down really hard, most traffic slowed to about 50 mph and turned on their flashers. We struggled for about 15 miles but then got off the Interstate for gas and to eat with the hopes the storm would pass. We we got back on the road we seemed to drive back into the storm we had attempted to avoid. After about 100 miles the rain finally let up. We passed Mile Marker 148 and could see that the New Beetle car was still taped to the pole as we passed, we didn't stop.  The rain finally stopped after Tallahassee.
We continued to drive through the night and finally got home around 1:45 am Sunday morning. We unpacked the car and got to bed around 2:30 am. We slept until about 1 pm Sunday afternoon. It was a great road trip, even if the last 2 days were spent in the rain.

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Bob after a night of partying :)


He enjoyed New Orleans


French Quarters

DSC03749.JPG DSC03750.JPG DSC03751.JPG DSC03752.JPG

Farmer's Market

DSC03754.JPG DSC03755.JPG DSC03756.JPG
DSC03757.JPG DSC03758.JPG DSC03759.JPG DSC03760.JPG
DSC03761.JPG DSC03762.JPG DSC03763.JPG DSC03764.JPG

Hot Dog Kart

DSC03765.JPG DSC03766.JPG

Angelisa's reflection


Castle home

DSC03774.JPG DSC03775.JPG DSC03776.JPG DSC03777.JPG

Mississippi border

DSC03779.JPG DSC03780.JPG

Naomi on Biloxi beach


Angelisa parked at beach

DSC03783.JPG DSC03784.JPG DSC03785.JPG

Cool looking casino

DSC03788.JPG DSC03789.JPG DSC03790.JPG DSC03791.JPG
DSC03792.JPG DSC03793.JPG DSC03794.JPG DSC03795.JPG

Alabama border

DSC03798.JPG DSC03799.JPG

Mobile tunnel


Florida border

DSC03802.JPG DSC03803.JPG

Pensacola Bay Bridge

DSC03805.JPG DSC03806.JPG

Pensacola bay

DSC03807.JPG DSC03808.JPG

Home in garage

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