June 25, 2004

Day 15 of 16
We started this day like yesterday, in the rain. It rained and rained and rained almost all day. Early in the morning (before 6 am) it was really hard. I was afraid we wouldn't be able to take the Ferry to head west, which would have added another 60 miles to our trip. But the rain let up some and we finally left Galveston around 11 am and headed for New Orleans.
The rain let up as we boarded the Ferry so Heather and I stood on the front of the Ferry with a group of kids from San Antonio. We saw a couple of dolphins, but the water was rough, so not much sightseeing.
After getting off the Ferry we drove to I-10 and stopped in Winnie at Sonic for a Lemon-Berry Creme-Slushy. This was the first Sonic we went to 3+ years ago when we lived in Galveston. Our second stop was at the Boiling Point near Lake Charles for lunch, another favorite of ours from years ago.
Our final stop for the day was at the Tiger truck stop. Unfortunately there was only one tiger left. They said they gave the other 2 to a game preserve and were planning to trade the one for 2 cubs. We took some pictures but he seemed lonely. Hopefully he will find a new home soon.
We took the long way to New Orleans, crossing Lake Pontchartrain on the long bridge which was over 22 miles long. It would have been nicer if the weather hadn't been so bad, but the rain held off almost. We arrived at the Le Pavillon hotel which I had booked with Expedia for a great price. When we checked in they decided to upgrade us to a 2 bedroom suite, 2 baths, 3 TVs, fax, marble entry, high speed internet access. What a great room for the last night of our trip at a very cheap price.
We walked the 4 blocks to Bourbon Street for some shopping and dinner. We ate at one of the places that allowed us to sit on the second floor balcony and overlook the street. The food was great and Heather really enjoyed looking down on the street.
We returned to our hotel for PBJ and hot chocolate snacks in the lobby and then turned in for the night.      

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DSC03639.JPG DSC03641.JPG DSC03642.JPG
DSC03643.JPG DSC03644.JPG

Oil wells

DSC03646.JPG DSC03647.JPG
DSC03648.JPG DSC03649.JPG

Texas Hill Country :)

DSC03650.JPG DSC03652.JPG
DSC03653.JPG DSC03654.JPG DSC03655.JPG

Really cute school sign

DSC03657.JPG DSC03658.JPG

more floodings ....

DSC03659.JPG DSC03660.JPG
DSC03661.JPG DSC03662.JPG

Texas sign at state line


Louisiana State Line

DSC03667.JPG DSC03668.JPG

Great Food


Tiger Truck Stop

DSC03671.JPG DSC03672.JPG DSC03673.JPG DSC03674.JPG
DSC03677.JPG DSC03680.JPG DSC03682.JPG

Lake Pontchartrain

DSC03684.JPG DSC03685.JPG DSC03687.JPG DSC03689.JPG
DSC03690.JPG DSC03691.JPG DSC03692.JPG DSC03693.JPG
DSC03694.JPG DSC03695.JPG DSC03696.JPG

New Orleans

DSC03698.JPG DSC03699.JPG DSC03700.JPG DSC03701.JPG

Le Pavillon Hotel


Our Suite

DSC03703.JPG DSC03704.JPG DSC03705.JPG
DSC03706.JPG DSC03707.JPG DSC03708.JPG DSC03709.JPG
DSC03710.JPG DSC03711.JPG DSC03712.JPG DSC03713.JPG
DSC03714.JPG DSC03715.JPG DSC03716.JPG DSC03717.JPG
DSC03718.JPG DSC03719.JPG DSC03723.JPG DSC03724.JPG
DSC03725.JPG DSC03726.JPG DSC03727.JPG DSC03728.JPG


DSC03729.JPG DSC03731.JPG DSC03732.JPG DSC03733.JPG

Outside gas lights


Outside entrance

DSC03735.JPG DSC03736.JPG DSC03737.JPG
DSC03738.JPG DSC03740.JPG

5th floor hall

DSC03741.JPG DSC03742.JPG

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