June 24, 2004

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We started this day in Galveston, Texas.  It was pouring down rain, not a good day for the beach.  So we all slept late.  Mitch wanted to find Starbucks, so he could load some pictures.  Once we got there, he found out he couldn't do what he wanted to do without becoming a T-Mobile customer.
So we headed over to Moody Gardens, to do the pyramids.  We started at the Aquarium, then to the Discovery Pyramid, the movie ride, the IMAX 3D Ocean Wonderful, then we finished with the Rain Forest Pyramid.  The last one isn't as nice as it use to be, it use to be full of butterflies, but for some reason they had a sign up that they were not doing butterfly releases.  :(
By the time we finished up at the Pyramids, it has stopped raining, so we headed to The Strand, to do some shopping.  We went to the old fashion ice cream shop to start and Heather got a scoop of chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream and we got some candy.  Bought some stuff for our neighbors that are watching Oreo for us.
Then it was to the beach, for some pictures of Angelisa on the beach. After the beach we headed to the Galveston Ferry for a round trip ride. Heather enjoyed the ferry, saw some dolphins. We rode over on the top deck and back standing at the front by the ramp. Heather got a little wet when we hit some waves.
Then we went to dinner at a restaurant way out on Galveston Island, The Waterman.  This is a place we found while we were living here 3 years ago.  Thankfully it was still there, just as we had remembered. 
In all, Galveston still looks the same.  The city has added a convention center, Home Depot, Target and a couple small hotels plus it lost a few things too, but it really looks just like we left here yesterday and not 3 years ago.

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Moody Gardens

DSC03352.JPG DSC03353.JPG DSC03354.JPG
DSC03355.JPG DSC03358.JPG DSC03359.JPG DSC03360.JPG
DSC03362.JPG DSC03363.JPG DSC03364.JPG DSC03365.JPG
DSC03368.JPG DSC03369.JPG DSC03370.JPG DSC03371.JPG


DSC03377.JPG DSC03378.JPG DSC03379.JPG DSC03380.JPG
DSC03381.JPG DSC03385.JPG DSC03386.JPG DSC03390.JPG
DSC03391.JPG DSC03392.JPG DSC03393.JPG

Heather, just before the shark got to her.

DSC03399.JPG DSC03400.JPG DSC03401.JPG DSC03408.JPG

Yuck, who took pictures of frogs??

DSC03410.JPG DSC03411.JPG DSC03412.JPG
DSC03413.JPG DSC03414.JPG DSC03416.JPG DSC03417.JPG
DSC03418.JPG DSC03420.JPG DSC03421.JPG DSC03422.JPG
DSC03427.JPG DSC03428.JPG DSC03429.JPG DSC03433.JPG
DSC03436.JPG DSC03437.JPG DSC03438.JPG DSC03439.JPG
DSC03443.JPG DSC03445.JPG DSC03446.JPG DSC03449.JPG
DSC03450.JPG DSC03451.JPG DSC03452.JPG DSC03453.JPG

pretty fuzzy pink plant

DSC03454.JPG DSC03455.JPG DSC03456.JPG DSC03461.JPG
DSC03462.JPG DSC03464.JPG DSC03465.JPG DSC03466.JPG
DSC03467.JPG DSC03468.JPG DSC03469.JPG DSC03470.JPG
DSC03471.JPG DSC03472.JPG DSC03473.JPG DSC03474.JPG
DSC03475.JPG DSC03476.JPG DSC03477.JPG DSC03479.JPG
DSC03481.JPG DSC03482.JPG DSC03483.JPG DSC03484.JPG
DSC03485.JPG DSC03486.JPG

Heather and Bob






Angelisa and an Audi TT, that parked right behind her on the Strand

DSC03491.JPG DSC03492.JPG DSC03494.JPG
DSC03495.JPG DSC03496.JPG DSC03497.JPG

Angelisa on the beach

DSC03499.JPG DSC03500.JPG DSC03501.JPG

Angelisa and boats



DSC03503.JPG DSC03504.JPG

a different seagull

DSC03505.JPG DSC03506.JPG
DSC03507.JPG DSC03508.JPG

big boats

DSC03509.JPG DSC03510.JPG

sunset over Angelisa

DSC03512.JPG DSC03515.JPG DSC03516.JPG

kite on the beach

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