June 22, 2004

Day 12 of 16
I started the day by going to Metro VW in Irving to have my headlight replaced which went out over the weekend. I thought it would be free, since they had replaced the whole assembly in January. I didn't have any paperwork and Lynn said I would need proof for them to fix it free. I called Royal VW in Orlando and they faxed the paperwork over for me. They had a DSL connection, so I was able to upload all my pictures of the pages I had built and that was nice. Then Lynn informed me the repair was no longer under warranty, since I had driven 18,000 miles since January!!! But he said he would give me a deal on the repair including fixing the broken latch on the headlight assembly. About an hour later they were done and it only cost me $41. $30.56 in parts, $18.75 labor, $10 discount. They were very nice, best service I have had in years at a VW dealer and in the hour or so I was there, I didn't see another customer that was complaining. Everyone seems happy to be there. I went by the manager and thanked him for supporting R2K and providing excellent service. Thanks David for leading us to the great dealer.
We walked around the Stockyards in Fort Worth in the morning. Heather did a human Maze, took 47 minutes. We thought she was never coming out, probably was alone the first 30 minutes then a school group got there. She had 3 of the 4 needed punches, but couldn't find the last one. After she finally got out, we watched the Long Horn cattle drive and then headed to Will Roger's Coliseum for the Painted horse Show. They had some really pretty horses.
 After the horse show, we headed over to Dallas to see the Pioneer Park/Bronze Long Horn cattle drive. We also viewed the site where President Kennedy was shot and the Water Building downtown Dallas.
We met up with David Allen and one of his tours of Downtown Fort Worth. It is amazing just how much stuff he knows. We just thought it was a Kennedy assignation thing, but he knows so much about Ft. Worth too. He would be a great tour guide. But Naomi was able to stump him on a few things, like the huge bronco rider in the Barnes & Noble in the Sundance Square and the flag pool in front of the court house that looks like it came from a ship.
We had dinner at Riscky's in Sundance Square. I had the 3 meat combination, which included beef ribs, brisket, sausage, cole slaw, potato salad, beans, toast. We haven't had any BBQ in a long time, so it was a great meal.  

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Heather's Maze


Long Horn Cattle drive

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DSC02972.JPG DSC02973.JPG DSC02978.JPG DSC02979.JPG
DSC02981.JPG DSC02982.JPG DSC02987.JPG DSC02988.JPG
DSC02989.JPG DSC02990.JPG DSC02991.JPG DSC02992.JPG
DSC02993.JPG DSC02996.JPG DSC02997.JPG DSC02998.JPG
DSC02999.JPG DSC03001.JPG DSC03002.JPG DSC03003.JPG

Painted horses exercising

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DSC03015.JPG DSC03022.JPG DSC03023.JPG DSC03025.JPG
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Awards, they sure give allot of ribbons


Each of the 5 judges gave a ribbon to 6 horses


Then the top 10 overall got another ribbon.

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DSC03045.JPG DSC03046.JPG DSC03048.JPG

Tractor !



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Pioneer Park

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DSC03066.JPG DSC03067.JPG DSC03068.JPG DSC03071.JPG
DSC03072.JPG DSC03073.JPG DSC03075.JPG DSC03078.JPG
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DSC03088.JPG DSC03090.JPG DSC03093.JPG DSC03094.JPG
DSC03095.JPG DSC03097.JPG DSC03101.JPG DSC03102.JPG

Kennedy assassination spot

DSC03104.JPG DSC03105.JPG DSC03106.JPG

Grassy Knoll, are those shell casings?

DSC03109.JPG DSC03110.JPG DSC03111.JPG
DSC03112.JPG DSC03115.JPG

Driving over the "X"

DSC03116.JPG DSC03117.JPG
DSC03118.JPG DSC03119.JPG DSC03120.JPG DSC03121.JPG
DSC03122.JPG DSC03123.JPG

Cute Bug

DSC03124.JPG DSC03125.JPG

Water Building downtown

DSC03127.JPG DSC03128.JPG DSC03130.JPG
DSC03131.JPG DSC03132.JPG DSC03137.JPG DSC03138.JPG
DSC03139.JPG DSC03140.JPG DSC03142.JPG DSC03143.JPG
DSC03148.JPG DSC03149.JPG DSC03158.JPG

David's caravan of 3 :)


Sight of movie "Logan's Run" in Fort Worth that was closed when 3 people drowned a few days ago :(


Old Train Depot

DSC03161.JPG DSC03163.JPG DSC03164.JPG
DSC03165.JPG DSC03169.JPG DSC03172.JPG DSC03174.JPG

Flag pole that looks like a ships mast

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DSC03186.JPG DSC03187.JPG DSC03189.JPG DSC03193.JPG

Final wave from David

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