June 20, 2004

Day 10 of 16
I started this day very early while the girls were still sleeping. It made me sad that the Sunken Gardens around Katie's bench was in such bad shape, but there wasn't much I could do about that in a hour. I washed off her bench and plaque then picked up trash around the bench. Maybe next visit we can plant some flowers or something. The park is located at W 5th and Union. If you drive west on 5th from the main north-south road, it will dead-end at the park with the swimming pool on the right and sunken gardens on the left.
Then Heather gave her dad a T-shirt and card for Father's Day.  Before we left on vacation she gave him some Bug T-shirts also for Father's Day.  But we decided to give them to him early so he had them for the trip.
Then it was off to Carlsbad Caverns.  Heather seemed to enjoy the caverns.
Then we went and did the Buffalo Hump Rally.  This was like a scavenger hunt and allot of fun!!  The first part was a test of how close you could get to a cone, throw a ball through hoops out both windows, roll a ball with a stick out the driver window about 50 feet, then there were 2 pages of driving instructions that you had to answer questions and follow the directions. Finding out who won a Congressional Medal of Honor at the "sparkling water" was the hardest one.  Thanks to Steve and Christianne for their help.  We got one of the 2nd place trophy and ribbon.  It took us about 90 minutes and was a blast, we would do this again in a heartbeat. Thanks Rick for setting it up :)
Then we went back to Carlsbad to watch the bat flight.  At first it seemed like the bats wouldn't fly.  Even the Park Ranger said they might not fly.  Didn't make anybody happy to hear that.  But around 8pm they finally flew.  It was interesting to see that many bats fly out of the cave, almost in a tornado circular motion as they left the cave and then floated across the sky in a line. It was so quiet, they didn't make any sound. We watched them for about 15 minutes and then headed back to Carlsbad.
We joined everyone at the drive-in.  Got there just in time to see Garfield.  This was cute but I slept through most of it :)  Then we watched Herbie goes Bananas.  At least some of us did, some slept through parts of this too.  Heather enjoyed the movies and popcorn. After the shows we talked to everyone, it was the end of of great weekend, but it was after midnight and we had been up since about 6:30 am.
R2K was over but it was a really great weekend.  In all a fun day, but it was also sad, we had to say good-bye to everyone that was still around.  Some people left earlier in the day, without even saying good-bye ( Jerry! ). I think some would have stayed 'til dawn but they turned the lights out on us so it was time to leave :( 

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DSC02628.JPG DSC02630.JPG DSC02631.JPG DSC02632.JPG

Dad and Heather aka Bob

DSC02633.JPG DSC02634.JPG

Happy Father's Day




Just trying to get in some last pictures of the Bugs.


Time to leave  :(


Sad to see them leave :(


Time for us to pack and leave Roswell.


Just more Bugs




New Blue.  Really a nice color, though it is hard to see in this picture.


Wheels on the new Bug


Sign in front of the tire shop.


Alien street light


Bugs and other cars, in front of the UFO museum


store with aliens


close up of the alien street light


UFO museum


Brenda's bug and alien street light


Alien Zone


bugs on the roof

DSC02653.JPG DSC02654.JPG

New Mexico,


The Land of Enchantment.


Are you feeling Enchanted??!


painted horse


Bat Cave


Where is Batman?


Looking out the bat cave

DSC02664.JPG DSC02665.JPG DSC02666.JPG DSC02667.JPG
DSC02668.JPG DSC02671.JPG

Heather aka Bob in the caverns

DSC02672.JPG DSC02674.JPG
DSC02675.JPG DSC02677.JPG DSC02678.JPG DSC02679.JPG
DSC02683.JPG DSC02686.JPG DSC02689.JPG DSC02690.JPG
DSC02691.JPG DSC02692.JPG DSC02693.JPG DSC02695.JPG
DSC02696.JPG DSC02697.JPG DSC02698.JPG DSC02700.JPG
DSC02701.JPG DSC02702.JPG DSC02703.JPG DSC02707.JPG
DSC02708.JPG DSC02711.JPG DSC02713.JPG DSC02715.JPG


DSC02717.JPG DSC02720.JPG DSC02723.JPG

Ladder, this how you get down the caverns



DSC02740.JPG DSC02742.JPG DSC02744.JPG


DSC02750.JPG DSC02751.JPG DSC02753.JPG DSC02758.JPG
DSC02759.JPG DSC02760.JPG DSC02763.JPG

This looked like a cross between a chipmunk and squirrel


Some day we will own a pink SpeedBuggy

DSC02765.JPG DSC02766.JPG

obstacle course


watch out!!!


waiting their turn to do the course


cute Flower Power bug




sunset at the bat cave

DSC02779.JPG DSC02784.JPG

Here come the bats

DSC02786.JPG DSC02789.JPG
DSC02790.JPG DSC02798.JPG

sure allot of bats

DSC02799.JPG DSC02801.JPG
DSC02802.JPG DSC02803.JPG DSC02804.JPG DSC02805.JPG

flying into the sunset

DSC02806.JPG DSC02807.JPG DSC02809.JPG DSC02812.JPG

Drive-in.  Tina and Ladybug


Time for the good-byes

DSC02814.JPG DSC02815.JPG DSC02816.JPG

Angelisa and Ladybug

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