June 16, 2004

Day 6 of 16
We started this day at Bedrock, home of Fred, Barney, Wilma, Pebbles, Bam-Bam but no Betty? It was a cute little attraction, but could use some upkeep. I really think they should have made it a miniature golf attraction. Never saw Betty but maybe that was because we rushed through it trying to make it to Williams for a 9:30am Wild West show.
We got to Williams about 5 minutes late, so the show was over. Heather did get a few pictures with the cowboys, gun-slingers and got to sit on a horse, so I am sure she was happy. We then took pictures of the Grand Canyon train just about to depart that morning and wondered through the gift shop where we found are most unusual Car Antenna topper yet. It is a Cactus with arms about 9 inches tall with sun glasses, Shamu shirt, and cowboy hat. We then found a cute little Route 66 Diner/Ice Cream/Gift shop and bought a few more antenna toppers.  
Our next stop was at Montezuma's Well and Castle. The springs and sink hole at the Well were interesting, like a big bowl. It was also interesting to see where the water left the bowl through a cave and then see the same stream come out again on the outside of the bowl. The castle was amazing, I just wish you could get a little closer to it. It was hot today, amazing how the temperature changed with altitude, we started the day leaving the Grand Canyon at 71 degrees and hit highs of 106 during the day around Phoenix.
Gas was the most expensive in Arizona so far on our trip. I noticed the car likes the very low octane (85 or 86) very much as our MPG have consistently been up over the last 3 tanks. I noticed the last fill-up was normal 87 octane so we will see how it does. The highest gas so far was in Phoenix at $213.9.
After filling up we headed to the "Cactus with Arms" National Park just north of Phoenix. Our AAA map let us down here, it shows it as a straight shot off the interstate. We drove straight and did see cactus, the road got very bad, we drove through some open range country and ended up next to a landfill when the road ended at some sort of plant after about 15 miles. On our way back we noticed a sign with an arrow coming from the other direction. We turned and after another 15 miles or so came to a real nice National Park that was closed. At least the restrooms weren't locked :) It was a really nice and clean facility. It was a very large facility for being in the middle of nowhere.
As we continued on down the road, we passed the movie set of Old Tucson. We arrived at the Wild Rose Inn in Tombstone around 9 pm.

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Bam-Bam and Pebbles aka Mitch and Heather


Fred and Wilma aka Mitch and Naomi

DSC01660.JPG DSC01661.JPG
DSC01662.JPG DSC01665.JPG DSC01666.JPG DSC01667.JPG
DSC01668.JPG DSC01669.JPG

Who let Heather get a license??


Get me out of here!!!


Looks like she got caught driving without a license


Early Harley's

DSC01673.JPG DSC01674.JPG DSC01675.JPG

Pebbles, isn't she cute


Pebbles, Naomi's favorite

DSC01677.JPG DSC01678.JPG DSC01679.JPG
DSC01680.JPG DSC01685.JPG DSC01686.JPG DSC01687.JPG

This use to be a slide, but it is all taped off.

DSC01688.JPG DSC01689.JPG

Barney's car

DSC01690.JPG DSC01691.JPG
DSC01692.JPG DSC01693.JPG DSC01694.JPG DSC01695.JPG
DSC01696.JPG DSC01698.JPG

Looks like Heather is in trouble again  ;)





DSC01702.JPG DSC01703.JPG DSC01704.JPG DSC01705.JPG
DSC01709.JPG DSC01710.JPG DSC01711.JPG DSC01713.JPG
DSC01714.JPG DSC01715.JPG DSC01716.JPG DSC01717.JPG

Cute store and soda fountain on Route 66, in Williams


Pink car, need we say more


Ice Cream license plate, on the pink car, can it get much better?  :)


Just cute!


Bought a Pink Ladies jacket here!


Pink car again, guess who took these pictures :)


Old and New on Route 66


Sedona Mountains

DSC01737.JPG DSC01739.JPG DSC01741.JPG DSC01744.JPG
DSC01751.JPG DSC01752.JPG DSC01753.JPG DSC01755.JPG

Cliff houses

DSC01756.JPG DSC01758.JPG DSC01759.JPG

Where the water goes back under ground

DSC01761.JPG DSC01762.JPG DSC01763.JPG DSC01764.JPG
DSC01765.JPG DSC01766.JPG DSC01767.JPG DSC01768.JPG

Where the water comes back out.


Pretty flowers

DSC01771.JPG DSC01772.JPG

Slplashing Mitch and Heather, they didn't want to play in the water.

DSC01774.JPG DSC01775.JPG

Man eating lizard, that almost got us.

DSC01779.JPG DSC01780.JPG

Mitch holding onto Heather, who really wanted to climb up to the castle

DSC01781.JPG DSC01782.JPG
DSC01783.JPG DSC01784.JPG DSC01785.JPG DSC01788.JPG
DSC01789.JPG DSC01791.JPG DSC01801.JPG DSC01802.JPG

Cactus with arms!!!!



DSC01809.JPG DSC01810.JPG

Mitch and "Bob", driving




Naomi with Cactus with arms


Can't we take this home, please!!

DSC01817.JPG DSC01818.JPG
DSC01819.JPG DSC01820.JPG DSC01822.JPG DSC01824.JPG
DSC01825.JPG DSC01828.JPG DSC01829.JPG

This is what the inside of the cactus with arms looks like


Sunset with cactus with arms


Angelisa with Cactus with arms


Mitch, Heather and Angelisa with Cactus with arms


Naomi, touching the cactus with arms


close-up of Naomi touching the cactus with arms




really cute


Heather and "Bob's" room


doll in our room


Our room


shower curtain




bedtime!  Yea!!!!!!




bathroom, again

DSC01856.JPG DSC01857.JPG

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