June 15, 2004

Day 5 of 16
We started this day at the Wigwam Motel with a TV and no phone. It was very small but comfortable. Then again we were so tired we could have slept in a shoe :) We stopped for a picture in from of the Rock Shop and the same Route 66 sign Katie and I stopped at in June 1999.
Then we headed to Walnut Canyon National Monument to see Sinagua Indian Ruins built into the side of the cliffs. Heather also earned a Junior Ranger badge here. It was about a half mile walk down 240 steps and a gradual decline then back up 1,234 steps and a steep incline. Heather seems to enjoy sitting in the car much more than walking stairs, it must be that dry heat thing :)
We then travel to Sunset Crater Volcano. At the Volcano we walked on the lava flow, black sand and stopped at the visitor center trying to explain to Heather what a Volcano is. It was my first lava flow experience, kinda neat and it wasn't even hot, I guess it cooled down in 800 years :) 
We continued on to the Wupatki Indian Ruins. These villages were built in like small towns including a Ball Court for games. The really "cool" thing was the "Blow Hole" where cold air came right out of the ground. Talk about prime real estate in the desert :) Most of these ruins dated back to 1000 to 1200 AD. Everything today up to this point was a first for all of us.
We finally reached the Grand Canyon ("The Big Hole" as I refer to it as) around 2 pm. Naomi made us stop at every lookout coming in from the East entrance along the south rim. She kept making Brandy Bunch refers and how she one day wanted to take the Mule Train down to the bottom and eat beans out of a flashlight. We arrived at our hotel around 5:30 pm. After checking in we walked to the rim to watch the sunset.
All in all another really nice day. We planned a  short driving day to give us allot of time at the Grand Canyon. We did everything we planned for this trip. Hopefully our next trip to the Big Hole will include a float down the Colorado River and a Mule Ride :)

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Wigwam Motel

DSC01479.JPG DSC01480.JPG DSC01483.JPG
DSC01484.JPG DSC01486.JPG DSC01487.JPG

Blue Eyes was here in '99


Walnut Canyon Nat'l Monument

DSC01492.JPG DSC01493.JPG DSC01494.JPG DSC01496.JPG
DSC01499.JPG DSC01500.JPG DSC01502.JPG DSC01503.JPG

Heather getting sworn in as a Junior Ranger :)


Lava Flow


Funny Picture of Naomi

DSC01515.JPG DSC01516.JPG DSC01517.JPG DSC01521.JPG

Cute Picture of Naomi

DSC01523.JPG DSC01524.JPG

Wupatki Nat'l Monument

DSC01526.JPG DSC01527.JPG DSC01528.JPG DSC01529.JPG
DSC01530.JPG DSC01531.JPG DSC01533.JPG DSC01534.JPG
DSC01535.JPG DSC01536.JPG DSC01537.JPG DSC01538.JPG
DSC01539.JPG DSC01540.JPG DSC01541.JPG DSC01542.JPG
DSC01543.JPG DSC01544.JPG

Ceremony/Meeting Place Circle


Ball Court


Blow Hole (A/C)

DSC01548.JPG DSC01549.JPG DSC01550.JPG
DSC01551.JPG DSC01552.JPG DSC01553.JPG DSC01554.JPG
DSC01555.JPG DSC01556.JPG DSC01557.JPG DSC01559.JPG
DSC01560.JPG DSC01561.JPG DSC01562.JPG DSC01565.JPG
DSC01567.JPG DSC01568.JPG DSC01569.JPG DSC01573.JPG
DSC01574.JPG DSC01575.JPG DSC01576.JPG DSC01577.JPG
DSC01578.JPG DSC01579.JPG DSC01581.JPG DSC01584.JPG
DSC01586.JPG DSC01587.JPG DSC01588.JPG DSC01589.JPG
DSC01590.JPG DSC01591.JPG DSC01592.JPG DSC01593.JPG
DSC01603.JPG DSC01607.JPG DSC01621.JPG DSC01628.JPG
DSC01629.JPG DSC01632.JPG DSC01634.JPG DSC01638.JPG
DSC01639.JPG DSC01641.JPG DSC01642.JPG DSC01644.JPG
DSC01645.JPG DSC01646.JPG DSC01651.JPG DSC01652.JPG

Did someone pass gas? :)

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