June 13, 2004

Day 3 of 16

We had a great but long day. We started the day with the Duck March at the Peabody Hotel in Little Rock, Arkansas. After packing up everything, we went out to the Duck Palace overlooking the Arkansas River. The Duck Palace wasn't as nice as Orlando or Memphis. We have never seen a 11am Duck March before, we also go to the evening 5 pm march. These ducks seemed real anxious to get into the fountain, maybe because there was food :) After the Duck March we headed for Oklahoma and a long day of driving (over 600 miles).
Once in Oklahoma we stopped at Sequoyah's 1829 Log Cabin. He was a Cherokee Indian that invented the written language for the Cherokee and that the big trees in California are named after. Not sure what the connection is, but it was an interesting little stop.
After that we were back on the road again heading to Oklahoma City National Memorial. A very touching and well done memory to the 168 people that lost their lives in 1995. A must see if in the area. The non-planned displays really added allot to the memorial, like the kid's artwork, the fence and the Jesus across the street where a church once stood. I only wish we would have been there at night to see the chairs lit up.
After we left the memorial we headed a few blocks away to a large Milk Bottle on top of a small building. We passed one of those Art Buffalo on the road. We had the Lizarts in Orlando, TurtleArt in Tampa, and HorseArt in Ocala, FlamingoArt in Miami and Long HornArt in Fort Worth, Tx.
Finally we headed just south of Norman, OK for the spider Bug which we had seen on the net. Got some cool pictures of this next to a VW parts store. After a few photos we finally headed for Texas for the night arriving at the hotel around 1 am in Amarillo.

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Duck soap and accessories

DSC01066.JPG DSC01068.JPG DSC01069.JPG
DSC01070.JPG DSC01071.JPG

Heather's first room service meal


Duck Palace


Arkansas River


Elevator Duck Floor


Glass elevator down to the lobby fountain


Duck March

DSC01079.JPG DSC01080.JPG DSC01081.JPG

Duck in the fountain

DSC01083.JPG DSC01084.JPG DSC01085.JPG DSC01086.JPG
DSC01087.JPG DSC01088.JPG DSC01089.JPG DSC01090.JPG
DSC01091.JPG DSC01092.JPG DSC01093.JPG DSC01094.JPG
DSC01095.JPG DSC01096.JPG


DSC01097.JPG DSC01098.JPG
DSC01099.JPG DSC01100.JPG

Welcome to Oklahoma

DSC01101.JPG DSC01102.JPG
DSC01103.JPG DSC01104.JPG DSC01105.JPG

One big Mushroom :)

DSC01107.JPG DSC01108.JPG DSC01109.JPG DSC01110.JPG
DSC01111.JPG DSC01112.JPG DSC01113.JPG DSC01114.JPG
DSC01115.JPG DSC01116.JPG DSC01117.JPG DSC01118.JPG
DSC01119.JPG DSC01120.JPG DSC01121.JPG DSC01122.JPG
DSC01123.JPG DSC01124.JPG DSC01125.JPG DSC01126.JPG

Oklahoma City National Memorial

DSC01127.JPG DSC01128.JPG DSC01129.JPG DSC01130.JPG
DSC01131.JPG DSC01132.JPG DSC01133.JPG DSC01134.JPG
DSC01135.JPG DSC01136.JPG DSC01137.JPG DSC01138.JPG
DSC01139.JPG DSC01140.JPG DSC01141.JPG DSC01142.JPG
DSC01143.JPG DSC01144.JPG DSC01145.JPG DSC01146.JPG
DSC01147.JPG DSC01148.JPG DSC01149.JPG DSC01150.JPG
DSC01151.JPG DSC01152.JPG DSC01153.JPG DSC01154.JPG
DSC01155.JPG DSC01156.JPG DSC01157.JPG DSC01158.JPG
DSC01159.JPG DSC01160.JPG DSC01161.JPG DSC01162.JPG
DSC01164.JPG DSC01165.JPG DSC01166.JPG DSC01167.JPG
DSC01168.JPG DSC01169.JPG DSC01170.JPG DSC01171.JPG
DSC01172.JPG DSC01173.JPG DSC01175.JPG DSC01177.JPG

Record Journal Building, across the street from from the Murrah Building, they left this building the way it looked after the blast, so people could see the damage.  100's of people were injured in this building.

DSC01178.JPG DSC01179.JPG DSC01180.JPG DSC01181.JPG



Milk Bottle

DSC01184.JPG DSC01185.JPG DSC01190.JPG



Spider Bug :)

DSC01193.JPG DSC01195.JPG DSC01199.JPG
DSC01201.JPG DSC01202.JPG DSC01205.JPG DSC01206.JPG
DSC01207.JPG DSC01209.JPG DSC01216.JPG

Welcome to Texas


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