June 12, 2004

Day 2 of 16

We started this day late with lunch at Taste of Thailand in Hoover, Alabama just outside Birmingham with old friends (my favorite Thai place in the world :)  We shared Sweet & Sour Shrimp, Chef's Special (Thai Spaghetti, veggies) Coconut Milk Soup, Spring rolls, Thai Ice Tea and a small order of Sushi, etc.
After lunch we headed to Helen Keller's birthplace in Tuscumbia (Northern Alabama). It was very interesting and something Naomi has wanted to see for years. Heather even impressed another guest with some of her new found knowledge. There was a picture of Heather Whitestone. Naomi asked Heather why there might be a picture of her at Helen Keller's home. Heather stated very clearly that she was the first Miss America with a disability and she was deaf just like Helen Keller.
We then headed for Mud Island in Memphis, TN. Unfortunately we got there pretty late, but we were able to ride the tram, visit the museum and walked most of the Mississippi river replica. We then headed for the Peabody, Memphis for dinner but their diner was already closed for the night. We visited the ducks in their penthouse on top of the Peabody and then headed west toward Little Rock, AR.
We didn't arrive at the Peabody in Little Rock until about midnight, ordered room service for dinner and turned in for the night around 2 am.
We covered 4 states today, AL, MS, TN and AR. My favorite part was lunch, but the rest of the day was nice too. Again we had good car time, no problems and it was a nice drive. We had a little rain, but it actually cooled the day off a little. Driving late into the night has actually been nice as it is much cooler. We will get a late start tomorrow too and should be on the road ending in Texas late tomorrow night.

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Heather & "Bob"


Heather, Naomi, Mary, Mitch, Kim, Kent & Pat @ Thai for Lunch

DSC00922.JPG DSC00923.JPG

Kim's bug w/ bike rack (she came from a Triathlon that morning


Angelisa and New Friend :)

DSC00925.JPG DSC00926.JPG

Kim & Me with our bugs


Helen Keller's House

DSC00928.JPG DSC00929.JPG DSC00930.JPG DSC00931.JPG

Helen's clothes

DSC00932.JPG DSC00933.JPG DSC00934.JPG DSC00935.JPG
DSC00936.JPG DSC00937.JPG DSC00938.JPG DSC00939.JPG
DSC00940.JPG DSC00941.JPG DSC00942.JPG

Her first braille typewriter


Christening Gown

DSC00944.JPG DSC00945.JPG DSC00946.JPG

Well Pump where she spoke her first word "Water"

DSC00948.JPG DSC00949.JPG DSC00950.JPG DSC00951.JPG
DSC00952.JPG DSC00953.JPG DSC00954.JPG DSC00955.JPG
DSC00956.JPG DSC00957.JPG

In front of the Cabin she lived in with her teacher

DSC00958.JPG DSC00959.JPG
DSC00960.JPG DSC00961.JPG DSC00963.JPG DSC00967.JPG
DSC00968.JPG DSC00969.JPG DSC00970.JPG DSC00971.JPG
DSC00972.JPG DSC00973.JPG

Outdoor stage they do a Helen Keller Play

DSC00974.JPG DSC00975.JPG
DSC00976.JPG DSC00977.JPG DSC00978.JPG DSC00979.JPG

Gifts by Lion's Clubs from all over the world

DSC00980.JPG DSC00981.JPG

Tribal poles from New Zealand Lion's Club

DSC00982.JPG DSC00983.JPG
DSC00984.JPG DSC00985.JPG DSC00986.JPG DSC00987.JPG
DSC00988.JPG DSC00989.JPG DSC00990.JPG DSC00991.JPG
DSC00992.JPG DSC00993.JPG DSC00994.JPG DSC00995.JPG
DSC00996.JPG DSC00997.JPG DSC00998.JPG DSC00999.JPG

Mississippi border

DSC01001.JPG DSC01003.JPG



Tennessee border


Mud Island, Memphis

DSC01008.JPG DSC01009.JPG DSC01010.JPG
DSC01011.JPG DSC01013.JPG DSC01014.JPG DSC01015.JPG
DSC01016.JPG DSC01017.JPG DSC01018.JPG DSC01020.JPG
DSC01021.JPG DSC01022.JPG DSC01023.JPG DSC01024.JPG
DSC01025.JPG DSC01026.JPG DSC01027.JPG DSC01028.JPG
DSC01029.JPG DSC01030.JPG DSC01032.JPG DSC01033.JPG
DSC01034.JPG DSC01035.JPG DSC01036.JPG DSC01040.JPG
DSC01043.JPG DSC01044.JPG DSC01045.JPG

Memphis Pyramid


Angelisa in same spot Eastern Caravan took photo in 2000

DSC01048.JPG Building being torn down in 2000 became a parking lot DSC01051.JPG Duck Palace - Memphis Peabody DSC01053.JPG DSC01055.JPG
DSC01056.JPG DSC01058.JPG Memphis Peabody Elevator floor DSC01061.JPG

Memphis Peabody Duck fountain


Arkansas border

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