June 25, 2000

Day 12 of 14

We met Debbie & DejaVW at the B&B before leaving for New Orleans, she brought her daughter & grand daughter along to see Angelisa. Today was to be just another day of traveling 600 miles or so. Nothing special. 

We stopped at San Jacinto, the battlefield/memorial of the 20 minute battle that won Texas independence from Mexico. When went up in the tower, watched the show "Texas Forever", went and looked at the Battleship Texas and then headed east. We crossed a small ferry and then got on I-10E.

About 75 miles out of Houston, Angelisa had her first problem. I thought Naomi hit the shifter and knocked it into neutral, but she said she didn't hit it. Anyway the engine at 75 mph, went from about 3300 rpms to about 6000, I disengaged the cruise control and slowed down to about 40, then tried to put it back into gear. It just didn't seem right, I pulled off the road and looked around. It shifted very high at about 4200 rpm going through the gears. We got back on the interstate, and she would not go into high gear, so at 55 mph, we were doing 4000 rpm. I called VW road side assistance. They offered to tow it to Houston or Baton Rouge. It was still running, so I told them I would call back if I needed a tow, but really hated to stop our trip short. We stopped for gas after about 10 miles. I again checked everything, looked for leaking fluid, anything that looked broken. I filled up, and the gas pump didn't shut off automatically, so I had gas all over Angelisa's butt. I washed her off and then moved her to see if there was any fluid under the car. Nothing. We then got back on the interstate and she drove NORMAL. Shifted just fine, and we made it all the way to New Orleans without any problems? Anyone have any thoughts?

After we checked in we walked down to Bourbon St. and had dinner at Storyville Jazz. It was nice. Today we are taking a few tours.

Angelisa, Samantha & Candi Hill
Angelisa, Samantha & Debbie
DejaVW & family
Angelisa & The Columns on Alamo
View from the Tower at San Jacinto
Angelisa from above
Battleship Texas
Ferry ride
Louisiana border