R2K Road Trip Summary

Our Roswell2K road trip of the summer is now history and here is a re-cap and statistics.

First I want to thank everyone who participated either via the cyber vacation or was actually part of the R2K event either as a planner/MIB or participant.


Duration: 14 days, starting on Wednesday, June 14 at 5 am and ending on Tuesday, June 27 at 6 pm.

Miles: 4895 averaging 350 miles & 5 hours driving a day.

Gas: 14 fill-ups averaging 27 mpg while driving about 75 mph. We used a total of 171 gallons at an average cost of $1.587/g for a total cost of $271.40.

Hotels: The Peabody in Memphis, Holiday Inn (3), Paris in Las Vegas, The Columns on Alamo, San Antonio, Sally Port Inn, Roswell, NM. The best was without question The Paris, the Peabody was very nice too and the worst was the Chateau Lemoyne (Holiday Inn) in New Orleans.

States/Provinces: (10) Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, Arkansas, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, California, Louisiana.

New Beetles: Angelisa met many of his sisters and brothers across the land. There were 18 in the caravan from Memphis to Dallas and over 300 in Roswell.

Herbies: We gave away 4 giant, 60 large and 15 key chain & 3 pin Herbies for a total of 82. Best Herbie give-away was to Thomas & Trish on the streets of Las Vegas, which I threw from car to car as they were leaving town.

Photos: 1041 taken and 781 published on our web site taken with a Sony FD-91 digital camera with a 14x zoom and auto-stuff. We took many of the scenic photos while driving 70+ mph out the window.

Sounds during the trip:

Air Supply - Greatest Hits
Austin Powers - A Spy Who Shagged Me Soundtrack
Barry Manilow - Greatest Hits
Barry Manilow - Summer of '78
Bryan Adams - So Far So Good
Disney - Music from the Park
Faith Hill - Faith
Fleetwood Mac - Greatest Hits
Good Morning, Vietnam - Soundtrack
Grease - Soundtrack
Jennifer Lopez - On the 6
Led Zeppelin - (no label) commonly referred to a "LZ 4"
New Beetle - Hits on CD
Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here
Shania Twain - Come on Over
The Kinley's - Just Between You & Me
The Smithsonian Collection - Old Time Radio / All-Time Favorites (4 CDs)
The Smithsonian Collection - Old Time Radio / Detectives & Crime Fighters (4 CDs)

The good, bad and ugly summary.

Overall we had a very nice trip with only a slight car problem. The driving was nice, the scenery was beautiful (Naomi wasn't impressed with the desert) We meet allot of wonderful people at R2K, I just wish I could remember half there names. We spent most of our time with Judy, Rolland, Trish, & Thomas.

The Good:

When Naomi said "yes" on stage at the Alien Costume party when I asked her to marry me. I then took off the Cone Head and pulled the ring out of the Cone Head, plus a few Herbies that I threw into the crowd.

I really enjoyed the time in Las Vegas, Memphis, San Antonio and New Orleans. It was very relaxing. The driving was great, the car was comfortable the whole trip, I never felt exhausted.

I enjoyed seeing all the cars at R2K and the line up to the bottomless lakes was awesome. I enjoyed my time with the many friends I have made through the internet.

The Bad:

The caravan was bad to me. I planned to do things other than drive to Dallas, and it took too long, stopped too often, drove too fast and too slow. I felt unsafe while we were with the caravan, it was much better after we broke away and had 4 NBs cruising at about 78 mph.

The Ugly:

I hate to say it, but the people of R2K were "my" ugly. I had asked that people not to offer their condolences expect during the Sky watch party and during the Car show (when I was with Angelisa). That didn't happen. Friday afternoon and all day during the car show, people just kept coming. Even if it was just to say "Sorry for your loss", by the end of the day I was so depressed. It was difficult enough preparing Angelisa for the show, dealing with Jerry from the Roswell Parks and Recreation department about Katie's bench. I had planned to say something at The Sky watch party, but it hit me much harder than I expected. Debbie did a wonderful job on the scrap book for Katie (Thanks again).

My depression got to the point, I was not going to ask Naomi to marry me that night, even though I had planned to for about a month. I was hoping that the Herbie giveaways would distract people and they would come talk to me or ask me where their Herbie was, instead of talking about Katie. In general, the time in Roswell was not pleasant for me. It made it more difficult, because Katie & I took almost the same path last year when we went to the west coast.


It still was a good trip, I wish I could have enjoyed it more, I wish Katie didn't dominate my experience as much as she did. But, that is partly my fault, we had been planning this trip since about March 1999. We planned to bring both NBs and after the accident I felt a obligation to bring Angelisa & Katie to R2K. The rest of the trip and the people we met were wonderful. I really hope to see many of you again.

Would I do it again?

Don't know yet. Because of emotional conflicts, I am not sure I will go back. I really never expected R2K to be an annual event. I don't want to use most of my vacation going to the same spot every year, so I might make it a every 5 years. But then again, got to have the wedding somewhere :)

What would I change?

It would have been nice to win a trophy for Angelisa, so maybe I would have washed her more and opened her up for the judges. But it was hard to stay around her, with all of Katie's pictures. I have never entered a car show before, so I didn't even know how to fill out the form. I think she might have had the most accessories, but I didn't know you had to list them.

I would not go with the caravan in the same configuration. I would try to see a few different places and not sure I will do the web vacation again. It seemed so much more draining this time around, maybe I need a faster PC :)

I would have liked to spend another day in Vegas & The Grand Canyon.