Jonathan & Russell's Disney Vacation

The Figment ride has some great special effects and half of the ride is upside down :) Then we went into the imagination do-it-yourself area and made the picture we emailed some people.

We finally got to take our Disney Bus ride!!!  To MGM, where we did the Bear and the Big Blue House show, which Russell really enjoyed, since the kids get to do allot of dancing during the show.  Beauty and the Beast and then kids played in the Honey I shrunk the Kids playground.  They could have played here all day, but we got there just in time for the last half hour, before it closed.  And finished with the Muppet Show, 3D, which was not scary like the other 3D movies and got to wear more cool glasses.  The last few pictures are of the kids playing in our toy room the last day.

Our last night , we got to go shopping at Downtown Disney.  We each got a t-shirt and a toy.  And we got to play in the Lego Play house and we ate dinner at McDonalds.

The last few pictures are my car toys, The Stink Bug sign and Mickey Electric.

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jrd03193.JPG Figment jrd03194.JPG Figments upside down house jrd03195.JPG jrd03196.JPG jrd03197.JPG
jrd03198.JPG jrd03198A.JPG Imagination picture jrd03199.JPG Spaceship Earth jrd03200.JPG The Disney Bus we rode on. jrd03201.JPG Our Disney bus ride, finally!!
jrd03202.JPG Bear & Big Blue House jrd03205.JPG Bear and his Big Blue House jrd03206.JPG jrd03207.JPG jrd03208.JPG
jrd03209.JPG Russell dancing during the Bear show jrd03210.JPG jrd03211.JPG Roly Poly Olie jrd03212.JPG jrd03213.JPG
jrd03214.JPG Russell catching bubbles jrd03215.JPG jrd03216.JPG jrd03217.JPG jrd03218.JPG
jrd03219.JPG jrd03220.JPG jrd03221.JPG jrd03222.JPG jrd03223.JPG Russell dancing again
jrd03224.JPG End of Bear & BBH jrd03225.JPG Beauty and Beast Show jrd03226.JPG jrd03227.JPG Chip jrd03228.JPG Mrs. Potts
jrd03229.JPG jrd03230.JPG jrd03231.JPG jrd03232.JPG jrd03233.JPG
jrd03234.JPG jrd03235.JPG jrd03236.JPG jrd03237.JPG jrd03238.JPG
jrd03239.JPG Jonathans favorite character in Beauty and the Beast jrd03240.JPG jrd03241.JPG jrd03242.JPG jrd03243.JPG
jrd03244.JPG jrd03245.JPG jrd03246.JPG jrd03247.JPG jrd03248.JPG
jrd03249.JPG jrd03250.JPG jrd03251.JPG seeing magic jrd03252.JPG jrd03253.JPG
jrd03254.JPG jrd03256.JPG jrd03258.JPG jrd03261.JPG jrd03262.JPG
jrd03263.JPG jrd03264.JPG jrd03266.JPG jrd03267.JPG jrd03268.JPG Russell and Jonathan in front of the Hat at MGM
jrd03269.JPG Honey I shrunk the Kids Playground jrd03270.JPG Jonathan jrd03272.JPG jrd03274.JPG jrd03275.JPG Super Soaker in the grass
jrd03276.JPG Giant blades of grass and leaves as slides jrd03277.JPG Naomi on a spiderweb jrd03279.JPG Mitch with Play-Dough jrd03280.JPG jrd03281.JPG riding a giant bug
jrd03282.JPG jrd03284.JPG on a giant Tonka Truck jrd03285.JPG playing with a cute little girl jrd03286.JPG Muppet Show jrd03287.JPG Toy room at our house
jrd03288.JPG  so many cars, so little time jrd03289.JPG  Which one is the alien?  ;) jrd03290.JPG Should I be touching this?  ;) jrd03291.JPG Stink Bug
jrd03292.JPG Mickey Electric

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