Jonathan & Russell's Disney Vacation

Then we took a Ferry boat and monorail to Epcot where our first ride was Test Track.  The car went up to 64 mph and was really cool. Then we had dinner at the Electric Umbrella and the it was off to watched Honey I shrunk the Audience, a great 3D show, though it was very scary!!  Followed by the fireworks and laser show.    

The next morning we headed for the Grand Floridian for breakfast at 1900 Park Fare, with Winnie the Pooh, Mary Poppins and a few others.   We had Orange Juice and loved it!  :)  We also had Mickey waffles, french toast sticks, cereal.

Then we headed for Animal Kingdom which started with a few autographs.  The bush person was cool and then we rode the Safari ride and saw allot of animals. Jonathans favorite was Little Red, the baby elephant.  Russell loved all the animals.  After the Safari, we did "It's tough to be a Bug" 3D show which has great special affects and also very scary, though we love the cool glasses we had to wear.  Then we headed to the Lion King Theater show, Russell even got to be part of the show.  And of all the kids picked to be in the show, Russell was the only picked to give Timon a High Five.  Russell really enjoyed being part of the show. 

We then took a boat ride to Epcot and did the Figment ride, one of the boys favorites (Naomi's favorite for sure).

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jrd03095.JPG Ferry Boat jrd03096.JPG Test Track jrd03097.JPG jrd03098.JPG jrd03099.JPG
jrd03100.JPG jrd03101.JPG jrd03102.JPG Fish Pond jrd03103.JPG Waterfall that goes up near Imagination jrd03104.JPG Fireworks / Lasers
jrd03105.JPG jrd03106.JPG jrd03107.JPG jrd03108.JPG Bushes shaped like Mary Poppins jrd03109.JPG Eeyore
jrd03110.JPG Alice in Wonderland jrd03111.JPG Pooh jrd03113.JPG jrd03114.JPG jrd03115.JPG Bert and Mary Poppins
jrd03116.JPG jrd03117.JPG jrd03118.JPG jrd03119.JPG




jrd03121.JPG jrd03122.JPG jrd03123.JPG Plantlady jrd03124.JPG plantlady and Russell jrd03125.JPG
jrd03126.JPG Hippos jrd03127.JPG Alligators jrd03128.JPG jrd03131.JPG jrd03132.JPG
jrd03134.JPG jrd03135.JPG jrd03136.JPG jrd03138.JPG jrd03139.JPG
jrd03140.JPG jrd03141.JPG jrd03142.JPG jrd03143.JPG jrd03145.JPG
jrd03146.JPG Tree of Life jrd03147.JPG

It's tough to be a Bug.  Flik coming out of the ceiling

jrd03148.JPG Lion King Show jrd03149.JPG jrd03150.JPG
jrd03151.JPG jrd03152.JPG jrd03153.JPG jrd03154.JPG jrd03155.JPG
jrd03156.JPG jrd03157.JPG jrd03159.JPG jrd03160.JPG jrd03161.JPG
jrd03162.JPG jrd03164.JPG jrd03165.JPG jrd03166.JPG jrd03167.JPG
jrd03168.JPG jrd03169.JPG Russell's part of show jrd03170.JPG Russell is a Disney Star!!! jrd03171.JPG jrd03172.JPG Look at Russell dance
jrd03173.JPG jrd03174.JPG jrd03175.JPG Russell parading around the stage jrd03176.JPG jrd03177.JPG Russell should be doing autographs now :)
jrd03178.JPG High Fiven Timon!! jrd03179.JPG jrd03180.JPG jrd03181.JPG jrd03182.JPG
jrd03183.JPG Lilo & Stitch jrd03184.JPG jrd03185.JPG jrd03186.JPG Ferry to Epcot jrd03187.JPG
jrd03188.JPG jrd03189.JPG Figment ride jrd03190.JPG jrd03191.JPG jrd03192.JPG

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