Marie Osmond Brunch Goodie Bag

January 22, 2005

Here are our pictures from of all the components of the goodie bag we sold. It includes everything that was included at the brunch, including the Limited Edition Adora Belle and two Wee Bees dolls, goodie bag, tickets and few others items. The items have been in a smoke-free home since last Saturday in Celebration, Florida.

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1) Adora Belle "Adora my Friends" #23 of 150 limited edition is 15 inches tall, hand signed by Marie Osmond ("mint in box") she wasn't even removed from the box to take pictures:)  She comes with her Box, Certificate of Authenticity, Hang Tag and Bracelet.

She wears a red underskirt of satin-like material and her overdress is sheer with white hearts embossed on it and her slip has red hearts on it, trimmed in lace.  She wears bloomers in a satin-like material with little red hearts printed on them, red Mary Jane shoes with a pearl on each shoe plus a red bow in her brown hair.   She has beautiful teal green eyes.

2) Wee Bees Hugs & Kisses #1604 (open edition) These two are magnets sitting on an "X" and "O". They come with their box, Certificate of Authenticity, Hang Tag and Bracelet.
3) MOD squad mouse pad 4) MOD squad pin 5) MOD Squad door hanger 6) Smiley face pin
7) Dolls Magazine 8) MOD Bunch Letter ** 9) Tickets for Brunch** & IDEX 10) Marie Osmond bag

                                                                        ** color copies of the original


Naomi, Marie & Me and our 2 dolls we brought to the show


Adora My Friends #23 of 150


Wee Bee Hugs & Kisses (these are actually ours, the ones for sale are in the box)


Me, Marie & Naomi with a new doll


Adora My Friends Certificate


Adora My Friends box

MOD07756.JPG MOD07759.JPG

Wee Bees still in box


Butt Shot of Wee Bee


Hugs & Kisses box


Goodie Bag


MOD Squad mouse pad, pin and door hanger, plus smiley face pin


MOD Squad door hanger


     Dolls Magazine        February 2005)


Thank you Brunch Letter which came with tickets**


IDEX & Marie Osmond Brunch** Tickets

** color copies of the original

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