Marie Osmond Christmas Concert Doll 2006

Tuesday Dec 5

Today Naomi and I both took the day off to attend Marie's 2pm Concert in Lakeland, Florida, about 40 miles west of our home.  We arrived early to "No Video/No cameras" signs everywhere.  I walked into the lobby and bought the 2 dolls and took them back to the car. Then we waited for about an hour for the concert to start. We were sited in the Front row / Orchestra Pit, about 4 seats right of center.

After her first song, she was walking the front of the stage and I held up my Conehead. She stopped and asked what it was. I stood up and told her "it was was my Conehead that she had signed in Utah". I handed it to her and she looked it over and said something like "Sick, bet you won't put it on". She handed it back to me and I promptly put it on.  My first seconds of fame were over :)  Naomi suggested I take it off, she didn't want me to obstruct the view of those behind me.

Here are the only 2 pictueres we took at the concert and then pictures of one of the doll we got.  This is the one Naomi is keeping, not the one for sell, which has not been removed from the original box. 

The "Magic of Christmas" Doll is 895 of 1000 and comes complete in the original box, Concert Program and Ticket stub.

The pictures below are clickable for larger pictures.


DSC09569.JPG DSC09571.JPG DSC09573.JPG DSC09574.JPG
DSC09576.JPG DSC09578.JPG DSC09579.JPG DSC09580.JPG