IDEX 2007

January 19-20, 2007

This year I separated the pictures by event on 4 pages.  The first page is the Friday night Gathering at the Shingle Creek Resort.  The second is the Brunch followed by the Doll Signing and IDEX displays and finally the Brunch Goodie Bag pictures. 

This year was great for pictures as the brunch room was not dark like it has been in the past.  Naomi asked and there were no restrictions on pictures as there had been in the past.  Unfortunately, we just got a new camera this week, so we are still learning, but we only had one major lapse at the end of the day.

It was a great event, we had a good time and I WON a doll. If anyone would like to copy pictures from my site, they are yours to have. 

Friday Night Poolside    

Marie Osmond Brunch

Marie Osmond Doll Signing & IDEX displays

IDEX 2007 MO Brunch Goodie bag (Sold)

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