IDEX 2005

January 21-22, 2005

Here are our pictures from IDEX. The first are the pictures from the Friday night Doll Maker and Friends get together. This was my first time to get to meet any of the Marie Doll Friends. So I really enjoyed this.

Next are the pictures from the brunch and doll signing on Saturday. The brunch pictures look dark because there was a slide show running the whole time and there was never a light put on Marie. It wasn't hard to see Marie, but it didn't make for good pictures.

As always, Marie was truly gracious. It is always fun when getting to spend time with Marie Osmond. This was the first time I have gotten to see her husband Brian.

Marie spent allot of time with us while we got our dolls signed. I am sure we held up the line for at least five minutes. Mitch told Marie about how he bought the Angel doll right after Katie's death and we talked about adoption. She had so much praise and much needed encouragement for us, as we have just adopted a 13 year old girl. She recommended we get/read a book "Reviving Ophelia".

After the signing, we walked around the convention center and looked at all the other dolls. There weren't very many people there, unlike the last show we attended in Atlanta which was a Collector's show in 2000.

I got one new doll this weekend, the original Baby Annette, who is going to look terrific with my Christmas Baby Annette. It was late, but we went through the line a second time, with my new doll. We were the end of the line and last ones to get a doll signed. With many thanks to Sue from Me My Dolls and I shop. She was schmoozed me into the line. And the lady that works for Marie, that was gracious enough to let me get into line.

I even think my husband, Mitch actually enjoyed himself.

Can't wait to do this again.

From Mitch:

All I can say is this was my birthday weekend, I must really love her to spend it looking at dolls :) We seemed to spend allot of time standing in lines. The people were nice, the food was good. Naomi really had a great time. Marie was absolutely wonderful. She was so nice and spent allot of time with everyone. Made you feel like family. Now, I don't know what I am going to do with these dolls I got this weekend?

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All pictures are clickable for full size.


centerpiece at the table where we sat


Mitch and Heather

DSC07665.JPG DSC07666.JPG

prototype dolls that were the door prizes.  Large doll to the far left is the one that Vicky won


Is this a hostage situation?? 


no, it is a doll dressing contest


this cute kid handed out roses to all the ladies as we checked in and yes he is a doll.


still dressing

DSC07671.JPG DSC07672.JPG DSC07673.JPG DSC07674.JPG

Linda Ricks


defiantly not the winner but by far the funniest looking doll


the winner!!

DSC07677.JPG DSC07678.JPG

Linda and Beverly

DSC07679.JPG DSC07680.JPG

These dolls are too cute

DSC07681.JPG DSC07682.JPG

and the winner of this doll is Vicky!!


Vicky with her doll!!!



DSC07704.JPG DSC07705.JPG DSC07706.JPG DSC07707.JPG
DSC07708.JPG DSC07709.JPG

Marie and Lisa telling an airport story

DSC07710.JPG DSC07711.JPG
DSC07713.JPG DSC07714.JPG DSC07715.JPG DSC07716.JPG

signing one of the five prototype dolls

DSC07718.JPG DSC07719.JPG DSC07720.JPG

Isn't she lovely


eating.  I believe she sat down for all of 5 minutes or less and I know she got a piece of bacon, not sure she got more then that.

DSC07723.JPG DSC07724.JPG

introducing Brian

DSC07725.JPG DSC07726.JPG DSC07727.JPG DSC07728.JPG
DSC07729.JPG DSC07730.JPG

Mitch with Angle Baby Millennium and Adora Bell Baby


She forced me to pose with them :(


Signing Adora Bell

DSC07733.JPG DSC07734.JPG

Mitch and Marie


Naomi, Marie and Mitch


for $3,000.00 this could be yours


Beverly's dolls


I love these dolls

DSC07741.JPG DSC07742.JPG

Beverly and Roger


Marie and Brian at the signing


got to have this doll!!

DSC07745.JPG DSC07746.JPG DSC07747.JPG

Strawberry Shortcake


Last doll to be signed by Marie at this event


Marie, laughing as always

DSC07751.JPG DSC07752.JPG

Mitch is think " have to buy Strawberry Shortcake for Naomi"


one last picture of us all together


Marie and Strawberry Shortcake

DSC07755.JPG DSC07756.JPG

That is Lisa's hand behind Marie

DSC07759.JPG DSC07760.JPG DSC07761.JPG
  DSC07762.JPG DSC07763.JPG

Baby Annette Christmas and Baby Annette