Disney Marie Osmond Dolls

Currently Available - January 30, 2005

Here are our pictures from our trip to Epcot, Magic Kingdom and Downtown Disney today. Unfortunately, I didn't find the 2 dolls I had seen last month :( I didn't check the prices on them all, I am sure someone out there knows the prices. The pin trader dolls are currently 30% off and I was told the Tiny Tots at Epcot were buy 2 get 1 free.

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Tiny Tots


Tiny Tots


Pin Traders


Pin Traders


Original Tinker Bell($150) & Queen of Hearts


   Tinker Bell($275)    Deluxe LE of 150


Tiny Tots Ragged Ann and Andy ($100)


Tiny Tots


Tinker Bell snow globe ($120)

Disney Collectible phone numbers

Disney World Downtown Disney 407-828-3929
Epcot (right side of Globe) 407-560-6481
Magic Kingdom (Castle) 407-824-6622
MGM (back right by stage tours) 407-560-4567
Animal Kingdom 407-938-2222
WDW Stores Customer Service 407-345-5285
disney.com /Catalog 800-328-0368
Disneyland Stores Customer Service 800-760-3566
Character Premiere - 8200 Vineland Ave 407-477-0222
Character Premiere - 5401 W Oak Ridge 407-354-3255
Character Premiere - 4949 International Drive 407-345-5285