Marie Osmond Brunch

We got to the brunch earlier then expected.  We were there by 7:45am.  There were already a few people in line already.  Though had they not been there, I would never have found this place, down the long service corridor.   We were there ahead of the check in table and signs.

The room look beautiful.  Samba Belle on all the tables, with gold stars.  The OOAK doll at the front, next to a picture of Marie with her DWTS stars dolls, which we all signed.

This year the meal was served to you.  Though there was a waffle/bagel station.  The room was bigger then last year, so you didn't have to leave to get food.   The meal started with yogurt, fruit and granola, there was also a plate with rolls and croissants on the table.   Then they brought the plated meal to you, scrambled eats, bacon, sausage, hash browns, and some sort of baked apple.  There was OJ, water, coffee and tea.   Way too much to eat, especially if you start with waffle, strawberries and whipped cream :)

As we ate, they had footage of DWTS playing.  We saw a little of every dance.  Seemed like so many more dances then I remembered.  Glad she isn't making a doll for every dance, could never afford it.

Then Lisa got up and told stories and showed pictures of what went on behind the scenes of DWTS.  Lisa did a great job and looked as fantastic as ever. 

Marie made her call and she announced the winner of the OOAK doll, which by the way, I didn't win and was suppose to win ;)

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The front of the line

P1030747.JPG P1030749.JPG P1030750.JPG

Kellie, Jill from KY and her husband

P1030751.JPG P1030752.JPG

Cheryl, Tim, Vicky



P1030757.JPG P1030758.JPG

Table Centerpieces


This was suppose to be my doll!


Isn't she lovely

P1030761.JPG P1030763.JPG P1030764.JPG P1030765.JPG

Our table

P1030767.JPG P1030768.JPG

Mitch going through his goodie bag


I should have had Cheryl pose


Room shots

P1030771.JPG P1030773.JPG P1030774.JPG

Drawing, what was suppose to be my name ;)

P1030776.JPG P1030777.JPG

The winner coming to claim her prize


She was very excited

P1030780.JPG P1030781.JPG

One happy lady

P1030782.JPG P1030783.JPG

Drawing for other doll prizes


Barbara and her doll


Dona and her doll

P1030787.JPG P1030788.JPG

Lisa making everyone dance

P1030790.JPG P1030791.JPG P1030793.JPG

almost falling down the stairs


Lisa to the rescue


me and my doll prize


signing Cristi's book


me and Lisa


I really need to stay away from beautiful people

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