Little House on the Prairie - August 2009

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Statistics -

During this trip 2 things stood out, first was the corn, miles and miles of corn. I thought the crops would be more varies and while there were some occasional Soy beans, we saw corn in every state we visited. Second was the House on the Rock, it was an incredible place. Someplace you could return to over and over and see something different and new each time.

Duration: 7 days, starting on Friday August 21st and ending on Thursday August 27th.

Miles: 2,574 total miles; averaging 368 miles & 5 hours driving a day in a rental Kia.

Gas: 7 fill-ups averaging 29.48 mpg while averaging 70-75 mph. We used a total of 87.32 gallons @ an average cost of $2.497/g for a total cost of $218.01.

Hotels: La Quinta (Davenport, IA, Rochester, MN & Omaha, NE).  The House on the Rock Inn, MicroTel and De Smet Super Deluxe Inn & Suites,  Average cost per night $88 including taxes. The best hotel was the House on the Rock Inn, but all the hotels were good except the hotel in De Smet, SD

States: (4) Arkansas, Missouri, Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin, Minnesota, South Dakota, Nebraska & Kansas.

Photos: 1,748 taken and 1528 published on our web site. Most of the pictures were taken with a Casio Digital camera, with some of the pictures at the House on the Rock taken with a Panasonic digital camera with a 12x zoom and auto-stuff. We took many of the scenic photos while driving 70+ mph out the window, I was very happy with the results, most of the bad pictures were due to operator error or poor lighting.  I edited out fewer pictures on this trip than any other. I only wish we had better quality pictures at the House on the Rock. I also took a few videos at the House, which I hope to publish this weekend.

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
  Naomi Mitch Donald
The Good Seeing all the places that Laura and her family lived House on the Rock, Being on the Road, seeing new things Nickelodeon Amusement Park at Mall of America
The Bad Corn Almost driving into a lake on Day 1. Too Long
The Ugly Donald De Smet Super Deluxe Inn & Suites Hated sitting in the car for billions of hours
Conclusion really enjoyed the Ingalls site, learned so much about this amazing family.  Need more time to see the sights and sleep!! Great time, need to start planning trips with fewer stops and more relax time Nickelodeon was fun and lots of rides.
Would I do it again? Not with Donald !!! Yes Yes, to the Mall of America
What would I change? add a few days, to do more little stops along the way Stay off dirt roads and don't drive through water. Nothing

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