Little House on the Prairie - August 2009

August 27, 2009

Day 7 - the last day of the trip.  Today was allot of driving. We drove through Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri & Arkansas. Our first stop was at the World's Largest Ball of String, in Weston, MO.  This is a small town northwest of Kansas City.

Next, we drove southwest of Kansas City to Paola, Kansas and lunch at the BBQ Shack (Drive-ins, Diners & Dives). The BBQ was good, but the side dishes were great. Naomi and I shared a BBQ Sandwich with a side of Corn on the Cob dipped in cheese and Warm Baked Potato Salad.

Our next stop was the final Laura Ingalls site in Independence, Kansas. The Official "Little House on the Prairie site.  It was a nice place, with friendly people. The "Prairie" was allot more hilly than I expected and allot more trees. We walked a nature trail with a few bridges made by a local Boy Scout troop and then continued our trip.

Our next stop was another from the Roadside America. We are in Kansas, so a little way from Independence is a "Yellow Brick Road" site in Sedan, Kansas.  The brick paths through town were interesting.  We also found this to be the birthplace of Emmett Kelly - The World Famous Clown.

Our final stop on vacation was in Baxter Springs at the Cafe on the Route. I think this was my favorite meal of the trip. A small diner that served up some great food in large quantities. I had a Aztec Chicken that was a little spicy, with some great seafood type soup and a twice baked potato. Naomi had Stuffed Lasagna and Donny had a Mac & Cheese dish.  Then we decided to end the meal with a little desert.  We decided on a Chocolate Brownie Sundae.  When it was delivered, I knew we were in trouble. The desert was served on a regular plate and had at least 4 scoops of ice cream ontop of a few pieces of cake and a ton of whipped cream. We could not finish it between the 3 of us.

Before leaving town, we stopped for a few pictures at the Rainbow Bridge on historical Route 66.  We finally arrived home around 9pm. A day we started at 6am. The end to a long day and long road trip. It was a good day & trip.

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tea pot water tower, hard to get a picture, going 90 down the interstate

CIMG3233.jpg CIMG3234.jpg

Largest ball of string

CIMG3236.jpg CIMG3237.jpg

close up of string

CIMG3238.jpg CIMG3239.jpg
CIMG3240.jpg CIMG3241.jpg CIMG3242.jpg CIMG3243.jpg
CIMG3244.jpg CIMG3245.jpg CIMG3246.jpg CIMG3247.jpg

warm potato salad. cheesy corn on the cob and bbq sandwich

CIMG3248.jpg CIMG3249.jpg CIMG3250.jpg CIMG3251.jpg


CIMG3252.jpg CIMG3253.jpg CIMG3254.jpg

entry floor

CIMG3256.jpg CIMG3257.jpg

The official Little House on the Prairie site!!


The book by the same title was written about this town


replica of the cabin they lived in while in Wayside Kansas

CIMG3261.jpg CIMG3262.jpg CIMG3263.jpg

very small and 5 people lived here

CIMG3264.jpg CIMG3265.jpg CIMG3266.jpg CIMG3267.jpg

Original Wayside post office, that was around during the Ingalls time

CIMG3268.jpg CIMG3269.jpg

postal counter


back room of post office, is just storage


school, not sure if Laura attend it

CIMG3273.jpg CIMG3274.jpg CIMG3275.jpg CIMG3276.jpg

back of post office

CIMG3277.jpg CIMG3278.jpg CIMG3279.jpg

the prairie land the Ingalls lived on

CIMG3281.jpg CIMG3282.jpg

Letter Laura wrote to a school teacher and donated to the museum

CIMG3283.jpg CIMG3284.jpg
CIMG3285.jpg CIMG3286.jpg CIMG3287.jpg

creek on the property

CIMG3289.jpg CIMG3290.jpg

walking the Ingalls prairie

CIMG3291.jpg CIMG3292.jpg

prairie flowers


small lake on the prairie

CIMG3295.jpg CIMG3296.jpg
CIMG3297.jpg CIMG3298.jpg CIMG3299.jpg CIMG3300.jpg
CIMG3301.jpg CIMG3303.jpg CIMG3304.jpg CIMG3307.jpg

Yellow Brick Road


The bricks aren't real yellow anymore

CIMG3310.jpg CIMG3311.jpg CIMG3312.jpg
CIMG3313.jpg CIMG3314.jpg CIMG3315.jpg CIMG3316.jpg

cool buildings on Main Street Sedan Kansas


Movie Theater


Emmett Kelly on the Yellow Brick Road

CIMG3319.jpg CIMG3321.jpg

Emmett Kelly Museum, wasn't open, you have to call if you want to see it


Emmett Kelly outfit


hardware store


outside of the Emmett Kelly museum

CIMG3327.jpg CIMG3328.jpg

General Store and from what I could see, it had everything in it

CIMG3329.jpg CIMG3330.jpg

Wizard of Oz stuff in a Ice Cream shop

CIMG3332.jpg CIMG3333.jpg CIMG3334.jpg
CIMG3335.jpg CIMG3336.jpg CIMG3337.jpg CIMG3338.jpg
CIMG3339.jpg CIMG3340.jpg CIMG3341.jpg CIMG3342.jpg

Route 66 in Baxter Springs. this place is no longer in business

CIMG3343.jpg CIMG3344.jpg CIMG3345.jpg CIMG3346.jpg
CIMG3347.jpg CIMG3348.jpg CIMG3349.jpg

Aztec Chicken, twice baked potato, Mitch's meal


yummy, Stuffed Lasagna


Donny with his mac and cheese with ham


small place, but nice to eat at

CIMG3356.jpg CIMG3357.jpg
CIMG3358.jpg CIMG3359.jpg CIMG3361.jpg CIMG3362.jpg
CIMG3363.jpg CIMG3364.jpg CIMG3365.jpg

cute bridge

CIMG3367.jpg CIMG3368.jpg CIMG3369.jpg CIMG3370.jpg
CIMG3371.jpg CIMG3372.jpg CIMG3373.jpg CIMG3374.jpg
CIMG3375.jpg CIMG3376.jpg CIMG3377.jpg

Rabbit on the side of the road, somewhere in south east Kansas


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