Little House on the Prairie - August 2009

August 25, 2009

Day five of our trip.  Today was Naomi's 25th Birthday; this trip was her present. We started the day at the hotel, as it was raining and most of our activities were outdoors. It gave me a chance to get yesterday's pictures posted.

After the rain stopped we started our day with a visit to the Sod House in Sanborn, Minnesota. This was a privately owned site.  The recreation was the best site we had seen to date on our trip of what life was really like in the 1800's on the Prairie.  After a short visit we continued on to Walnut Grove.

We spend most of the day in Walnut Grove touring Laura Ingalls Wilder sites.  Naomi walked around town touring following the map of local sites and then we drove out to the home site on the edge of Plum Creek.

We returned back to the Museum for one last tour before heading to De Smet, South Dakota for the night.  Once in De Smet, we stopped by the local sites and visited the cemetery before calling it a night.

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great place to experience pioneer life

CIMG2718.jpg CIMG2719.jpg CIMG2720.jpg

sod house

CIMG2721.jpg CIMG2722.jpg CIMG2723.jpg CIMG2724.jpg

attic in cabin

CIMG2725.jpg CIMG2726.jpg CIMG2727.jpg CIMG2728.jpg
CIMG2730.jpg CIMG2731.jpg CIMG2732.jpg

time to play dress up


I could have worn the clothes as we toured the site, but I decided against it.

CIMG2735.jpg CIMG2736.jpg CIMG2737.jpg

Donny loves outhouses

CIMG2739.jpg CIMG2740.jpg

in the prairie

CIMG2742.jpg CIMG2743.jpg CIMG2744.jpg CIMG2745.jpg



cleaning the sod house


sod cutter

CIMG2751.jpg CIMG2755.jpg CIMG2757.jpg CIMG2758.jpg

town hasn't grown since Laura left

CIMG2760.jpg CIMG2761.jpg

recreation village of what the town use to be like during the Ingalls time

CIMG2762.jpg CIMG2763.jpg
CIMG2765.jpg CIMG2766.jpg CIMG2768.jpg CIMG2770.jpg

cute church

CIMG2772.jpg CIMG2774.jpg

Donny needs to learn to play the organ

CIMG2776.jpg CIMG2777.jpg CIMG2778.jpg CIMG2779.jpg
CIMG2780.jpg CIMG2781.jpg CIMG2782.jpg CIMG2783.jpg
CIMG2784.jpg CIMG2785.jpg CIMG2786.jpg CIMG2788.jpg
CIMG2789.jpg CIMG2790.jpg CIMG2791.jpg CIMG2792.jpg

picture of the Bell that Pa helped buy for his church

CIMG2794.jpg CIMG2795.jpg CIMG2796.jpg
CIMG2797.jpg CIMG2798.jpg CIMG2799.jpg CIMG2800.jpg
CIMG2801.jpg CIMG2803.jpg

this china is really pink, but it picture whitened them out and I wasn't using the flash.

CIMG2804.jpg CIMG2805.jpg
CIMG2806.jpg CIMG2808.jpg CIMG2809.jpg CIMG2810.jpg
CIMG2812.jpg CIMG2813.jpg CIMG2816.jpg CIMG2817.jpg

downtown Walnut Grove


not the original store

CIMG2820.jpg CIMG2821.jpg

Main Street Walnut Grove

CIMG2823.jpg CIMG2824.jpg CIMG2825.jpg

replica village

CIMG2827.jpg CIMG2828.jpg CIMG2829.jpg
CIMG2830.jpg CIMG2831.jpg CIMG2834.jpg

if you look closely, the bell Pa helped buy, is in there

CIMG2836.jpg CIMG2837.jpg CIMG2838.jpg CIMG2839.jpg
CIMG2840.jpg CIMG2841.jpg CIMG2842.jpg CIMG2843.jpg

This is the Master's hotel, but it is a private residence now


Plum Creek

CIMG2845.jpg CIMG2846.jpg CIMG2847.jpg

looking toward the Ingalls sod house and the prairie that was behind the house

CIMG2849.jpg CIMG2850.jpg CIMG2851.jpg

all that is left of the sod house.

CIMG2852.jpg CIMG2853.jpg CIMG2854.jpg CIMG2855.jpg

the fields that Pa use to farm

CIMG2856.jpg CIMG2857.jpg CIMG2858.jpg CIMG2859.jpg
CIMG2860.jpg CIMG2861.jpg CIMG2862.jpg CIMG2863.jpg
CIMG2864.jpg CIMG2865.jpg

The rock Laura use to play on

CIMG2866.jpg CIMG2867.jpg

This building is in the recreation building, is on it's original site.  It was built after the Ingalls had left Walnut Grove, but was left here, because it is an interesting building


jail cells

CIMG2870.jpg CIMG2871.jpg
CIMG2872.jpg CIMG2873.jpg CIMG2874.jpg

this house is built the exact way Laura describe it in her book and the size was determined by what is left of the house

CIMG2876.jpg CIMG2877.jpg CIMG2878.jpg CIMG2880.jpg

Mantel from the TV show

CIMG2881.jpg CIMG2882.jpg CIMG2883.jpg CIMG2884.jpg

Donny in another outhouse

CIMG2885.jpg CIMG2886.jpg CIMG2887.jpg CIMG2888.jpg

Lake Benton



CIMG2891.jpg CIMG2892.jpg

lots and lots of windmills in the corn fields

CIMG2894.jpg CIMG2895.jpg CIMG2896.jpg

we didn't go see these guys, they are on the wrong side of the state



CIMG2899.jpg CIMG2900.jpg

Laura's son

CIMG2902.jpg CIMG2903.jpg CIMG2904.jpg CIMG2905.jpg

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