Pensacola March 2008

Easter weekend we went to Pensacola to visit Brian Leonard.   This is his last weekend in FL, so I though it would be nice to see him before he goes to North Carolina.  We spent Saturday afternoon with him.  Brian took us to his favorite restaurant, Crabs, right on the beach in Pensacola.  Very good place, great food and playground for the kids.  Then we went to our hotel, in Alabama, walked the beach, kids went swimming and the Brian got his haircut.  Then it was dinner time and then we had to return Brian to base.

Sunday we went to the Gulf Coast Zoo.  I found this while taking Brian for his haircut the day before.  If I had known it was there, we would have gone with Brian and actually did something him.  This is a small zoo, that was featured on Animal Planet.  After they were destroyed by the hurricanes a couple years ago.

Then it was off the Naval Museum to look at planes and time to head home. 


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eating at Crab's

P1040349.JPG P1040350.JPG

Swing tables that look like boats


Brian before haircut, trying not to smile


Walking on the beach in AL

P1040354.JPG P1040355.JPG P1040356.JPG

after haircut and I got a smile


outside barracks

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P1040368.JPG P1040370.JPG P1040371.JPG

nap time

P1040374.JPG P1040376.JPG P1040378.JPG

snack by the lions, he didn't there


He thought he was going to get the snack

P1040382.JPG P1040387.JPG P1040388.JPG
P1040390.JPG P1040392.JPG P1040394.JPG P1040396.JPG

Easter Bunny

P1040398.JPG P1040400.JPG P1040402.JPG P1040404.JPG
P1040406.JPG P1040412.JPG P1040413.JPG P1040415.JPG
P1040418.JPG P1040419.JPG P1040423.JPG



Bunnies everywhere

P1040427.JPG P1040431.JPG P1040433.JPG


P1040437.JPG P1040439.JPG P1040441.JPG P1040443.JPG

Chuckie, he doesn't move much

P1040445.JPG P1040449.JPG P1040451.JPG P1040452.JPG
P1040454.JPG P1040456.JPG P1040458.JPG P1040460.JPG

this lion was rescued in time to save her life.  She is so fragile that she can't play with other lions, ever


Very big goat

P1040464.JPG P1040466.JPG P1040469.JPG
P1040471.JPG P1040473.JPG P1040475.JPG

mountain climbing turtle

P1040479.JPG P1040481.JPG P1040483.JPG P1040485.JPG
P1040487.JPG P1040491.JPG

wouldn't open their tail feathers

P1040493.JPG P1040497.JPG

very fuzzy

P1040499.JPG P1040501.JPG P1040503.JPG P1040504.JPG
P1040505.JPG P1040506.JPG P1040508.JPG P1040509.JPG
P1040510.JPG P1040511.JPG P1040514.JPG P1040516.JPG
P1040517.JPG P1040520.JPG

plotting her attack on Mitch

P1040522.JPG P1040527.JPG
P1040530.JPG P1040532.JPG P1040538.JPG



Naval museum

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P1040545.JPG P1040546.JPG P1040547.JPG P1040548.JPG
P1040549.JPG P1040550.JPG P1040551.JPG P1040552.JPG

sure hope this doesn't work or we are trouble

P1040553.JPG P1040555.JPG P1040562.JPG P1040563.JPG
P1040565.JPG P1040566.JPG P1040567.JPG P1040569.JPG
P1040571.JPG P1040573.JPG P1040574.JPG P1040575.JPG
P1040577.JPG P1040579.JPG P1040581.JPG P1040583.JPG
P1040585.JPG P1040587.JPG P1040589.JPG P1040590.JPG
P1040591.JPG P1040592.JPG P1040593.JPG P1040594.JPG
P1040595.JPG P1040597.JPG

Toy Solider gets his shoes shined


closes Mitch would let us get to sailor guy

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P1040604.JPG P1040605.JPG P1040608.JPG P1040610.JPG
P1040612.JPG P1040614.JPG P1040615.JPG P1040616.JPG
P1040617.JPG P1040618.JPG P1040619.JPG P1040620.JPG
P1040621.JPG P1040622.JPG P1040623.JPG P1040625.JPG
P1040626.JPG P1040627.JPG P1040629.JPG P1040630.JPG
P1040631.JPG P1040633.JPG

Marie bird on corner in Pensacola


Navy bird across the street from Marie bird


guy on corner that wanted to poise with bird