VA Cemetery Dedication / Skyway Bridge/ Original Hooters

June 1, 2008

It was a nice day but hot. I left Clermont early for the 125 mile ride. I arrived early for the staging at a park 3 miles from the cemetery. There was group of about 20 of us. So far it was turning out to be a nice day.

Then we headed for the Dedication, those 3 miles were painful. We lost one bike to overheating and we crawled for 3hrs(ok,maybe it was only 47 minutes :), but it sure felt like 3 hours; especially since I was wearing all my riding gear (Full helmet, jacket, pants). I was happy when I was finally able to park my bike and get ready for the ceremony. There must have been a few thousand cars in attendance, they were not prepared for the traffic :(

We were led to the rear of a large tent set-up. Unfortunately all the groups were placed where people inside the tent could barely even tell we were there.  It was very hot, but there was allot of water. The ceremony was delayed because the dignitaries couldn't get through traffic.  We were dismissed just as the ceremony started. I took a few pictures of the day.  After we were dismissed, I decided to head back home and not have to fight the traffic leaving the event too.

It felt good again to be back on the road and wind rolling over my bike. I headed north over the Skyway Bridge for a few pictures and then to the Original Hooters in Clearwater for a picture of my bike in front of the store. I have added a few more pictures that week of the Lake Buena Vista Hooters.

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