Bike Week 2008

This year I went to Bike Week alone, not a whole lot of fun alone. I got up at 6am and headed over to Daytona, about 80 miles away.  First off, the wind was really bad, gusting to 25 mph.  I didn't think the wind was to start until the afternoon. I rode over in my raingear as it was in the 50s.  As soon as I arrived, I went looking for the Buell demo rides to sign up for the new 1125, but they had closed down their rides and where gone, along with allot of other makers. It seemed that about half the brands had shut down and left by Saturday.

So I headed over to Triumph.  I signed up to demo a Daytona 675 (what I ride) and a Street 675.  I had a 9am ride on the Daytona. As soon as I started it up, I knew it had a aftermarket can, which sounded really nice. The ride was pretty lame, the lead Triumph rider was very nervous about the wind and the ride was generally at 45 mph.  About 2/3 through the ride, we rounded a right turn and I decided to hit it. Nothing extreme, nothing I don't do every day on my own 675 every day. To my surprise the front wheel came right up.  I let off the gas and it came back down again. The Triumph rider directly in front of me slowed down and made that "no no no" sign at me. After the ride she came up to me and told me my day was done :(  I tried to explain that in over 30 years of riding, I had never got a wheel off the ground, I ride a 675 and I wasn't trying to get it up, it just happened. I asked if the sprockets were stock and she claimed the bike was stock except the exhaust. So demo rides for the day were over.

I then rode over to Bennett VA home where I met my fellow PGR members for a planned visit. We wondered the halls of the facility and talked to the Vets and family. I must have been asked a half dozen times by different people when we were going to ride through the halls.  Apparently other groups like Rolling Thunder have ridden their bikes inside the facility. We couldn't find the proper administrator to ask permission, so it didn't happen this trip.  After the visit that lasted about 90 minutes, we cruised Daytona main street (waste of time, too many cars in the traffic, just one big traffic jam). After that I headed to the track.

I got to the track about an hour before the race. There were some SuperBikes warming up for a later race, which was postponed because of the wet track and high winds.  I realized real soon, I couldn't see the bikes. My contacts just wouldn't focus on the bikes. So I took over 300 pictures in hopes I could find the Triumphs once I got the pictures on the website.

The race was nice, but it wasn't too much fun alone. I had a corn dog, peanuts and coke. I sat pretty high across from the first turn so I could see the horseshoe and most of the track.  At the start of the race, the winds were really bad, I think in the 35mph range, it was extreme at the top of the stands. By the end of the race, I was in all my riding gear and rain gear as it was getting colder. I was at the point I felt like putting my helmet and gloves on too :)

The 200 ended around 4pm and the SuperBike race was going to start at 5pm. It was a short race, but if I waited for it to run, I would have had to ride home in the dark and it was getting really cold (down to 39 by the morning). So I packed up and headed home. I saw my only other Daytonas right before I left, although they were older models, I have not seen another 675 in the wild yet :(   

I had camera issues, with the first 30 pictures being bleached out, so I had to delete them, sorry.

All pictures are clickable of full-size images.


1 P1040006.JPG

Speed Triple

P1040020.JPG P1040022.JPG P1040023.JPG
2 P1040025.JPG P1040027.JPG P1040028.JPG P1040031.JPG
3 P1040032.JPG P1040034.JPG P1040036.JPG P1040040.JPG
4 P1040043.JPG P1040049.JPG P1040052.JPG P1040054.JPG
5 P1040056.JPG P1040057.JPG P1040058.JPG P1040059.JPG
6 P1040061.JPG P1040063.JPG P1040064.JPG P1040067.JPG
7 P1040071.JPG P1040073.JPG P1040074.JPG P1040076.JPG
8 P1040079.JPG P1040081.JPG P1040083.JPG P1040084.JPG
9 P1040085.JPG P1040087.JPG P1040097.JPG P1040099.JPG
10 P1040100.JPG P1040101.JPG P1040102.JPG P1040103.JPG
11 P1040104.JPG P1040105.JPG P1040106.JPG P1040107.JPG
12 P1040108.JPG P1040109.JPG P1040113.JPG P1040114.JPG
13 P1040116.JPG P1040118.JPG P1040120.JPG P1040122.JPG
14 P1040123.JPG P1040124.JPG P1040125.JPG P1040126.JPG
15 P1040127.JPG P1040128.JPG P1040130.JPG P1040133.JPG
16 P1040134.JPG P1040135.JPG P1040137.JPG P1040138.JPG
17 P1040139.JPG P1040142.JPG P1040144.JPG P1040145.JPG
18 P1040146.JPG P1040147.JPG P1040148.JPG P1040149.JPG
19 P1040150.JPG P1040151.JPG P1040152.JPG P1040153.JPG
20 P1040154.JPG P1040155.JPG P1040156.JPG P1040157.JPG
21 P1040158.JPG P1040159.JPG P1040160.JPG P1040161.JPG
22 P1040163.JPG P1040164.JPG P1040165.JPG P1040166.JPG
23 P1040167.JPG P1040168.JPG P1040169.JPG P1040170.JPG
24 P1040171.JPG P1040172.JPG P1040173.JPG P1040174.JPG
25 P1040175.JPG P1040176.JPG P1040177.JPG P1040178.JPG
26 P1040179.JPG P1040180.JPG P1040181.JPG P1040182.JPG
27 P1040183.JPG P1040184.JPG P1040185.JPG P1040186.JPG
28 P1040188.JPG P1040189.JPG P1040190.JPG P1040191.JPG
29 P1040192.JPG P1040194.JPG P1040195.JPG P1040197.JPG
30 P1040198.JPG P1040199.JPG P1040200.JPG P1040201.JPG
31 P1040202.JPG P1040203.JPG P1040205.JPG P1040206.JPG
32 P1040208.JPG P1040209.JPG P1040212.JPG P1040213.JPG
33 P1040216.JPG P1040219.JPG P1040221.JPG P1040227.JPG
34 P1040228.JPG P1040235.JPG P1040237.JPG P1040241.JPG
35 P1040252.JPG P1040253.JPG P1040254.JPG P1040255.JPG
36 P1040256.JPG P1040257.JPG P1040258.JPG P1040261.JPG
37 P1040264.JPG P1040266.JPG P1040268.JPG P1040269.JPG
38 P1040270.JPG P1040280.JPG P1040282.JPG P1040284.JPG
39 P1040286.JPG P1040288.JPG P1040290.JPG P1040291.JPG
40 P1040295.JPG P1040298.JPG P1040300.JPG P1040301.JPG
41 P1040303.JPG P1040305.JPG P1040309.JPG P1040311.JPG