Met's Spring Training / St. Pete Grand Prix 2007

Mets Spring Training / St. Pete Grand Prix 2007

Went the last Mets Spring training game, which was played in the Tropicana Dome in St Petersburg.  Very different in a dome.  After the game, I realized the St Pete Grand Prix was going on a few blocks away.  We took a shuttle to the harbor area and got into the race, which was like one big infield inside the track. They had allot of kid activities including a Sony truck with lots of games. We wondered around and were able to get into the grand stands for free on a corner. I was really excited when I realized Audi was racing 2 TDIs, which actually won (1st and 2nd places) the race.  They sounded so quiet compared to all the gas burners :)

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The dome


Setting up the field


Warming up

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Tampa mascot

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opening pitch

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little in door blimp

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mooning the Mets fans

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Audi R10 TDI (diesel burner)

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Taken from the Ferris Wheel

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Donny in his first ride :)

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Heather trying to hold her own

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Butt shots :)

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Porsche car show outside race

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Pirate boat on the pier

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Too bad we can't get this at Disney




Aquarium at the Pier

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Found Nemo

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Looking back toward the racetrack from the pier


Fireworks from the restaurant


at the end of the race