BiketoberFest 2007

BiketoberFest 2007

Triumph Street 675, other Triumph bikes, Hooter's Girls, Racing, Monster Dash on Daytona International Speedway.

I put on my kids on the school bus and then headed for Daytona at 7:20am. I arrived at about 9:30 to find a line of a dozen guys in front of me at the Triumph Demo Rides. By the time I got to the front of the line, there was only one slot left for the Street left 3pm. I got back in line again and signed up for the Daytona at 4:30. It was 10am now, and I went to the Buell Demo rides to try and sign up for a 1125. But they didn't have one :(. I then went to Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha, but they were all full, because I arrived a little late, I only had 2 rides lined up. I made a quick stop at the Hooter's booth for a pix and then rode back to the Triumph area.  Note to self: Get to demo rides by 8am if you want to sign up for allot of rides :)

Took some pictures and bought my ticket for the Monster Dash. Now the wait was on. I was disappointed that they didn't have a stock Street 675 without the aftermarket pipe.  I walked around the vendors looking to buy some new riding gear, but there really wasn't anything (no helmets, jackets, pants, gloves, etc) just allot of black leather, wife beater's, t-shirts. I was disappointed in the lack of vendors and race information.  Since I had time to kill, I rode into the infield and then around to the back side of the race track and walked into the stands. I was the only person on the back side and it was completely open. I sat at the end of the back straightaway and next to the chicane and took a few pictures for about an hour.  Then I rode over to Shake-n-Steak for lunch.

I then wandered around the vendor area again and headed back to the Triumph area. It was then time for my demo ride on the Triumph Street 675. It was white, had a arrow pipe and flyscreen. The bike felt good, I couldn't flat foot it, but it was comfortable. I expected the exhaust to be loud, but it was quieter than my Buell with a stock pipe.  The group ride was about 30 minutes with a few nice curves and turns. I found myself many times in the wrong gear, but it didn't seem to mind and was very forgiving.  I almost fell off when the guy in front of me started the Rocket3 with another after market pipe. It sounded like straight pipes and was really loud. The first chance I got, I passed him.  The bike handled well, was very light and had enormous power. I hit 11K rpm a couple of times and might have cross 100 mph, but I couldn't watch the road and instruments at the same time and there wasn't much time to accelerate and stay within the group.  The ride was over too soon and it was time to wait for the next ride on a Daytona 675, which was scheduled for 4:30. About 4pm someone from the track came over and told them that bad weather was headed their way. They said as soon as the rain started the demos would end. About half way through the pre-ride briefing it started to rain and everything was cancelled :( 

Now I had 3 hours before the Monster Dash to wait, and possibility it might be cancelled too for weather.  I headed back to my stands to watch the racing that was scheduled to start at 5pm. I really don't know what types or racing/class/bikes there were. There seem to be different classes of bikes because some seemed twice as fast as others.  These were just practice sessions, so maybe some were practicing harder than others. The scheduled 5pm 2 hour session was delayed for about 15 minutes because of rain.  I sat around, took a few more pictures and then around 6pm headed to Krytsal's for 6 burgers & a Dr Pepper. I came back to the track and lined up for the Monster Dash.

For those of you that race, this wouldn't be a big deal, but for me the honor of being able to ride on the Daytona International Speedway, even if it was at cruising speed was a hoot and well worth the wait. Most of the bikes were Harley's and about a dozen Spider Can-Am made up the rear of the pack. I rode with my camera around my neck and would let go of the throttle and take a picture every once and a while. We cruised 2.5 laps around the oval and then turned into the road race and finished in the infield.  The pace car started at about 5 mph for the first half lap until all the bikes were on the track and then did the 2 laps at about 35 mph.  I got it up to 70 mph a few times doing allot of sling shoting with my Buell Blast, if I had the Street I could have probably done allot better.  Regardless of speed, it was a hoot :) and made my day.

Here are my pictures. I took over 300 and edited out the really bad ones.  Many of the track pictures were shaky, but then my Blast is always shaky :) As always the pictures are clickable for enlargements.  They start with the 2008 Triumph Street 675, in the color I have on order.  Next are all the other Triumph bikes, followed by a few Hooter's shots, Racing and finally Monster Dash pix. I had a Triumph employee take a picture of me on the bike, I should have checked, but apparently he didn't know how to push the button, so no pix :(

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2008 Triumph Street 675

P1010986.JPG P1010988.JPG



Turn signals/radiator

P1010992.JPG P1010994.JPG P1010996.JPG

license and rear signals has to go :(


Rear pillon pegs removed


Arrow pipe

P1020002.JPG P1020004.JPG

Front brakes

P1020008.JPG P1020010.JPG P1020011.JPG P1020013.JPG


P1020015.JPG P1020017.JPG

Speed Triple

P1020019.JPG P1020020.JPG
P1020022.JPG P1020024.JPG P1020026.JPG P1020028.JPG
P1020030.JPG P1020032.JPG

Speed Triple

P1020033.JPG P1020034.JPG
P1020035.JPG P1020036.JPG P1020038.JPG P1020040.JPG
P1020042.JPG P1020044.JPG P1020046.JPG P1020048.JPG

Daytona 675

P1020049.JPG P1020051.JPG P1020052.JPG P1020054.JPG
P1020055.JPG P1020055a.JPG P1020055b.JPG P1020055c.JPG
P1020055d.JPG P1020055e.JPG P1020055f.JPG P1020055g.JPG
P1020055h.JPG P1020055i.JPG P1020055j.JPG P1020055k.JPG
P1020056.JPG P1020058.JPG P1020060.JPG

No caption needed :)


Whole Family Restaurant

P1020079.JPG P1020080.JPG P1020081.JPG P1020083.JPG
P1020084.JPG P1020085.JPG P1020087.JPG P1020091.JPG
P1020092.JPG P1020093.JPG P1020099.JPG P1020100.JPG
P1020101.JPG P1020102.JPG P1020103.JPG P1020104.JPG
P1020107.JPG P1020108.JPG P1020109.JPG P1020110.JPG
P1020111.JPG P1020119.JPG P1020120.JPG P1020121.JPG
P1020123.JPG P1020126.JPG P1020128.JPG P1020132.JPG
P1020135.JPG P1020136.JPG P1020137.JPG P1020143.JPG
P1020144.JPG P1020145.JPG P1020147.JPG P1020148.JPG
P1020150.JPG P1020152.JPG P1020153.JPG P1020156.JPG
P1020157.JPG P1020159.JPG P1020160.JPG P1020162.JPG
P1020164.JPG P1020183.JPG P1020184.JPG P1020192.JPG
P1020193.JPG P1020194.JPG P1020196.JPG P1020199.JPG
P1020200.JPG P1020201.JPG P1020202.JPG P1020207.JPG
P1020210.JPG P1020214.JPG P1020215.JPG P1020216.JPG
P1020219.JPG P1020220.JPG P1020221.JPG P1020222.JPG
P1020223.JPG P1020224.JPG P1020225.JPG P1020226.JPG
P1020227.JPG P1020228.JPG P1020229.JPG P1020230.JPG
P1020231.JPG P1020232.JPG P1020233.JPG P1020234.JPG
P1020235.JPG P1020236.JPG P1020237.JPG P1020238.JPG
P1020239.JPG P1020240.JPG P1020241.JPG P1020242.JPG
P1020243.JPG P1020245.JPG

Spider Can-Am $15,000


ABS, Traction Control

P1020248.JPG P1020250.JPG P1020253.JPG

Line up to enter track


On the track in the 3rd turn

P1020259.JPG P1020260.JPG

Entrance to Pit Row


Coming to the Finish Line


Finish Line

P1020267.JPG P1020268.JPG

Back Straightaway


Coming to the Finish Line

P1020272.JPG P1020273.JPG P1020274.JPG

Finish Line

P1020280.JPG P1020282.JPG

Tunnel out of infield