December 2006

Here are the pictures I took during early December. We had 10 Hot Air balloons land behind our house in the morning, then went to Disney to take a few pictures of the kids for Christmas. 

Then we all went to Celebration for the nightly snow fall. 

Followed by a few pictures from our backyard of the Space Shuttle launch at night.

All pictures are clickable for enlarged pictures.

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DSC09455.JPG DSC09456.JPG

The balloons are coming


House across the street from us

DSC09460.JPG DSC09461.JPG DSC09462.JPG DSC09463.JPG

View from backyard, as the balloon comes over a neighbors house

DSC09466.JPG DSC09468.JPG

Looking down our street


The front of our house, with a balloon landing behind us.

DSC09470.JPG DSC09471.JPG

Shoot from the front yard, looking down the side of the house to the backyard

DSC09472.JPG DSC09473.JPG
DSC09474.JPG DSC09475.JPG DSC09476.JPG DSC09477.JPG

The back of our house, looking like the balloon is about to land between our house and the neighbors

DSC09479.JPG DSC09480.JPG DSC09481.JPG
DSC09482.JPG DSC09483.JPG DSC09484.JPG DSC09485.JPG

Grand Floridian Carriage

DSC09488.JPG DSC09490.JPG

Donny and Heather at the Grand Floridian


Grand Lobby Tree

DSC09496.JPG DSC09497.JPG DSC09498.JPG

Donny & Heather in front of the Grand tree

DSC09500.JPG DSC09502.JPG

Donny & Heather with the Grand Gingerbread House

DSC09503.JPG DSC09505.JPG
DSC09506.JPG DSC09507.JPG

Hanging out with the reindeer

DSC09508.JPG DSC09509.JPG

Cinderella's Castle behind Donny's head

DSC09513.JPG DSC09514.JPG DSC09515.JPG
DSC09516.JPG DSC09517.JPG DSC09518.JPG

Grand Floridian, Wedding Pavilion and Castle


Contemporary Resort


Polynesian Resort

DSC09523.JPG DSC09524.JPG
DSC09525.JPG DSC09526.JPG

Lobby at the Polynesian

DSC09527.JPG DSC09528.JPG
DSC09530.JPG DSC09531.JPG DSC09532.JPG DSC09533.JPG

Polynesian Tree

DSC09534.JPG DSC09535.JPG DSC09536.JPG

Heather on the Grand Stair Case

DSC09537.JPG DSC09538.JPG DSC09539.JPG

Donny on the Grand Stair Case

DSC09541.JPG DSC09542.JPG DSC09544.JPG DSC09545.JPG
DSC09546.JPG DSC09547.JPG DSC09548.JPG DSC09549.JPG

Snow in Celebration FL

DSC09552.JPG DSC09553.JPG

Day Dreams Doll Shop, Celebration FL


Waiting for the snow to fall

DSC09556.JPG DSC09557.JPG

This is what snow in FL looks like

DSC09557a.jpg DSC09558.JPG
DSC09559.JPG DSC09560.JPG DSC09561.JPG

Looks like a blizzard

DSC09563.JPG DSC09564.JPG DSC09565.JPG DSC09566.JPG
DSC09567.JPG DSC09674.JPG

Space Shuttle

DSC09675.JPG DSC09677.JPG
DSC09678.JPG DSC09679.JPG DSC09680.JPG DSC09682.JPG

This is one of the small rockets as it broke away

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