San Diego Zoo

January 3, 2005

The day at the zoo started about 5am, followed by a 2 hour drive to San Diego in the rain, which didn't help traffic any. But overall the trip wasn't really that bad considering the conditions.

We arrived at the zoo in a pouring rain, but headed for the Panda exhibit. The Panda were outside in the rain and didn't seem to be bothered by the rain. Naomi got some quality time with the zoo keeper and alone time with her baby. After what seemed like hours, we headed on to other exhibits. This was just the first of 4 visits to see the Pandas :) 

By the time we reached the Sea Lion show, the rain had stopped, but because it was so wet, they didn't do a show. Instead, they just invited everyone down front to pet the Sea Lions. That was something different and well worth missing the show. When then took the bus tour around the Zoo and then made our way back to the Pandas.   

See Page 2 of San Diego Zoo for further details.

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Main Trip Page Days: 1-Rose Pre-Parade 2-Rose Parade(1) (2) 3-DisneyLand(1) (2) 4-San Diego Zoo (1) (2) 5-Pandi Adoption Day