Rose Bowl Parade

January 1, 2005

Our first stop was the Brady Bunch House, followed by the Church used in 7th Heaven and finally the house from Happy Days. After our shot trip down Celebrity lane. After that it was time for lunch at Pink's Hot Dogs, then desert at Randy's Donuts and Kindle's Donuts.

On the way back to the hotel we passed a nice white New Beetle with Hello Kitty decals. At the hotel, David & Julie took a nap and we headed for the hot tub. While in the tub for 2 hours :) Naomi found a new friend, a blue parakeet. It came right up to us, I think guests were feeding it and it liked the heat of the hot tub since it was very cold outside.

We met back up with David & Julie and went to Downtown Disney and then the California Hotel for dinner and fireworks.     

Main Trip Page Days: 1-Rose Pre-Parade 2-Rose Parade(1) (2) 3-DisneyLand(1) (2) 4-San Diego Zoo (1) (2) 5-Pandi Adoption Day

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Main Trip Page Days: 1-Rose Pre-Parade 2-Rose Parade(1) (2) 3-DisneyLand(1) (2) 4-San Diego Zoo (1) (2) 5-Pandi Adoption Day