"Pandi" Adoption Day

January 4, 2005

Adoption day had finally arrived but I-5 was still closed due to snow.  We were in Anaheim but the puppy was 100 miles north in Bakersfield, north of the Grapevine which had been closed for 2 days. Our plans were to tour the Tar Pits in the morning and head north around 1pm for Bakersfield.  It was raining again, so the Tar Pits were cut short. We headed to the Tail of the Pup for lunch and then headed north around noon. We had a alternate route, but I-5 was re-opened just as we headed north. The pass had snow, we stopped to play in the snow, build a small snowman. The road was completely clean, I still can't believe it was ever closed. I have seen more snow on roads in Florida, but at least it was open for us, so we weren't delayed.

We arrived in Bakersfield to find out they have some of the largest tumbleweeds in the world. We even passed a small Tumbleweed farm. Naomi had a great time playing with the Tumbleweeds.

We arrived at the adoption site, and finally saw our puppy for the first time. Naomi held her and opened a few Christmas presents she had brought with her for the puppy. After meeting mom and a few dozen roommates, we said our good-byes and headed back over the pass before further snow closed it again.

 We arrived near the airport about 3 hours before our flight, so we headed to the Santa Monica Pier for a short stop. Heather and I walked around a while, then onto the beach while Naomi stayed in the car with the puppy. We then went to the airport, cleared security and then sat in the waiting room until we boarded. We found a corner and let the puppy out of the carrier to play and stretch.

She had a wonderful flight home, spending most of it in Naomi's lap on the flight. The weather all weekend threatened to destroy our trip, but in the end it turned out great and we survived regardless of the rain. I guess the mudslides started the next week, we were very lucky.   

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Main Trip Page Days: 1-Rose Pre-Parade 2-Rose Parade(1) (2) 3-DisneyLand(1) (2) 4-San Diego Zoo (1) (2) 5-Pandi Adoption Day