January 2, 2005

Today we slept in, getting up around 7am and having breakfast at the hotel before heading to Disneyland with David & Julie. Since many of the rides are the same as Disney World, we only did the things we couldn't do at home. One thing they do in Disneyland which isn't done in Florida is the transformation of 2 rides for the holidays.  We started with the Haunted Mansion done over as the "Nightmare before Christmas". We then took the train to "It's a Small World". This is the only time this ride is bearable, as they switch the music to Jingle Bells. When then did the Alice In Wonderland ride, Sleeping Beauty show and Roger Rabbit ride. After having very nice lunch at the restaurant that overlooks the "Pirates of Caribbean" ride, we headed back to the hotel to say good-bye to David & Julie.

After dropping them off, we headed back to Disney for the Aladdin show. By then the rain had finally started. It was raining really hard, but we bought ponchos and headed out. The Aladdin show was really great and unlike the typical Disney 25 minute shows at the parks, this was probably 90 minutes long. After Aladdin we headed back to Disneyland from California Adventure in the rain. Because of the rain, the park was almost empty.  We rode the Matahorn, It's a Small World and Roger Rabbit ride again.

See Page 2 of Disneyland for further pictures.  

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Main Trip Page Days: 1-Rose Pre-Parade 2-Rose Parade(1) (2) 3-DisneyLand(1) (2) 4-San Diego Zoo (1) (2) 5-Pandi Adoption Day