Will You Marry Me?

I had been planning to ask Naomi for about a month, but we had NEVER talked about it, so asking her in front of 400 of our closest friends was a bit risky.  To keep the whole thing a secret, I picked the ring up the day before we left for Roswell and hid it in the spare tire area. When we were getting ready for the costume party, I put the ring inside the Cone Head along with 4 Herbies and put it on, then the rest of my costume. At one point Naomi asked me why I didn't take the cone off to get all the other necklaces and stuff on, but I confused her enough that she left me alone. My biggest fear was someone might come up and pull off the cone causing the Herbies & ring to go flying.  

As soon as we got there, I mentioned to David I needed a few minutes on stage. I thought I sent him an email a few weeks before, so he knew what was going on. To the best of my knowledge, David, No-Show Tammy and a co-worker Kim were the only 3 people who knew anything about it.  I mentioned something to David when I was on stage giving away the Herbies and he said something like "Yeah, I know, wait until later", so I assumed he knew what I was talking about, but he had allot on his mind. After all the awards were over and the DJ started playing music, I went up to David again and told him he forgot me. It was then we realized our signals were buggy, he had no idea what I was planning. David gave the DJ a note and she called us up on stage.

In full Cone Head Hippy costume and the ring inside the Cone I got down on one knee and asked Naomi to marry me. She actually said yes (w/o any threats of walking home or anything :) and the rest is history. 

These are a few pictures from some of our friends.  At first I thought no one took pictures of the actual event but Judy & Eugena came through for me.


As we arrived for the Alien costume party, Naomi is holding the last Giant Herbie we gave away 

Just a few hours before the big moment
Just before I got Naomi on stage
The big question on stage at the Alien Costume Party, Roswell, NM
Naomi said "yes" to me even with my Cone Head still on :)
I had to remove the Cone Head to get the ring, along w/4 Herbies I throw into the audience 
After I placed the heart-shaped ring on her finger she gave me a kiss
Then we sort of danced (I ain't got rhythm)
more dancing ???
A picture after the ordeal was over and friends were congratulating us.
Another Kiss
Got my ears up to cool off some :)
Heart shaped solitaire