Jonathan & Russell's Disney Vacation

May 23-26, 2003

These 3 pages contain the pictures we took during their 3 days at Disney. All the pictures are clickable to enlarge.

We started our trip into Disney, being really excited and looking at all the cool Disney signs.  We loved the Mickey electric pole, the big entrance sign, but Jonathan was disappointed that Pooh wasn't on the entrance sign.  Then we saw Naomi's favorite sign, the Flik and Stink Bug sign, we decided it was our favorite as well.  Then we saw the Disney busses, we thought they were really cool.  We can hardly wait to ride on one.

 We started our visit with a monorail ride From the Grand Floridian to the Contemporary Resort.  For our first ride in the monorail, we got really lucky and got to ride in the front car.  We got excited when we saw the castle, the train and train station.  The monorail goes right into the the Contemporary, which was really cool.  Then we rode the escalators to Chef Mickey's for dinner.  The escalators were probably the favorite ride of the weekend. We got to meet Donald Duck, Goofy, Minnie, Mickey, Chip & Dale at dinner. Donald was our first character to see, we were excited but didn't know who he was.  Dinner was fun, getting pictures and autographs, singing and spinning our napkins with Minnie Mouse.  Russell really liked Minnie Mouse.

Followed by the Electric water light show.  We watched the light show from the Grand Floridian docks.  Then we went and looked at boats and then off to see where Naomi worked.  Then it was time to head home.  We were really tired and had a long day ahead of us in the morning.  We got ready for bed, with no fussing and right to sleep.  We are great at taking bathes and brushing our teeth and going to bed!!!  :)  We are night time angels.  :)

The next morning we started at Magic Kingdom. First we watched a show in front of the Castle and then we met Pluto.  Then we went on the People Mover Ride.  This was fun, because we got to see allot of stuff, from way up high and got to see the Space Mountain ride.   Got off the ride and went to met Buzz Lightyear. We had a Mickey ice cream while waiting to meet Buzz.  This was very exciting.  Jonathan was so excited he had a hard time talking to him, but finally did.  We got pictures with him and his autograph. Then it was off the  Buzz LightYear ride, go-carts, then Teacups. Go Carts were a favorite, this was ride the boys picked out and they got to drive the cars.  We really enjoyed them. We then went to Toon-town and rode on Goofy's Barn Stormer Roller Coaster. We were really lucky here, we got to see Goofy and his son Max at the roller coaster and they gave us Goofy stickers.  We went to Minnie Mouses house and played in her kitchen.  Then we found Winnie the Pooh, Eeyore and Tigger, got pictures and  autographs from them. We then moved over to Country Bear Jamboree, It's a Small World, Peter Pan, Haunted House, Tiki birds and Pirates of the Caribbean then took the Ferry toward Epcot.  We did not like the Haunted House, but we really loved Country Bears, Peter Pan and Small World.  Jonathan who at the beginning of the vacation, told us he didn't like boats, LOVED the ferry ride!!!! 

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jrd03001.JPG Wedding carriage  Cinderella's glass coach jrd03002.JPG Front car of Monorail jrd03003.JPG Donald Duck @ Chef Mickey's jrd03004.JPG Goofy jrd03005.JPG Minnie
jrd03006.JPG Napkin dance jrd03007.JPG dancing with Minnie jrd03008.JPG Russell really liked Minnie jrd03009.JPG jrd03010.JPG Chip
jrd03011.JPG Dale jrd03012.JPG Mickey jrd03013.JPG our first Mickey pictures jrd03014.JPG jrd03015.JPG Water Light Show
jrd03016.JPG jrd03017.JPG jrd03018.JPG jrd03019.JPG jrd03020.JPG  really big alligator
jrd03021.JPG jrd03022.JPG The Contemporary in the background jrd03023.JPG jrd03024.JPG jrd03025.JPG
jrd03026.JPG jrd03027.JPG jrd03028.JPG jrd03030.JPG Castle show jrd03031.JPG
jrd03032.JPG jrd03033.JPG jrd03034.JPG jrd03035.JPG jrd03036.JPG Villains taking over
jrd03037.JPG jrd03038.JPG jrd03039.JPG jrd03040.JPG Pluto and kids jrd03041.JPG
jrd03042.JPG Buzz!!!!! jrd03043.JPG jrd03044.JPG Go-carts jrd03045.JPG Russell driving jrd03046.JPG Jonathan driving
jrd03047.JPG Watch out, here we come! jrd03048.JPG jrd03049.JPG Tea Cups jrd03050.JPG getting dizzy jrd03051.JPG ToonTown
jrd03052.JPG jrd03053.JPG Minnie's Kitchen.  Russell could have stayed here all day. jrd03054.JPG jrd03055.JPG showing Jonathan all the cool things in the kitchen jrd03056.JPG watching popcorn
jrd03057.JPG jrd03058.JPG Russell in Minnie's chair jrd03059.JPG Pooh jrd03060.JPG Eeyore ( this was actually Jonathans favorite thing all weekend!) jrd03061.JPG Tigger
jrd03062.JPG jrd03063.JPG Goofy & Max jrd03064.JPG Minnie's House jrd03066.JPG Goofy's BarnStormer jrd03067.JPG Jonathan on the roller coaster
jrd03068.JPG Russell and Naomi on the roller coaster jrd03069.JPG Country Bears jrd03070.JPG the boys loved this!!!  jrd03072.JPG jrd03073.JPG
jrd03074.JPG jrd03075.JPG jrd03076.JPG

It's a Small World ( Russell's favorite ride)

jrd03077.JPG Jonathan and Mitch on Small World jrd03078.JPG
jrd03079.JPG jrd03080.JPG jrd03081.JPG jrd03082.JPG Country Bears jrd03083.JPG
jrd03084.JPG jrd03085.JPG Tiki Birds jrd03086.JPG jrd03087.JPG jrd03088.JPG
jrd03089.JPG jrd03090.JPG Pirates of Caribbean jrd03091.JPG jrd03092.JPG playing with big hats. jrd03094.JPG Ferry Boat.  Jonathan found out he likes boats  :)

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