Jeanne circles Celebration

September 26, 2004

Three weeks to the day, we are preparing for another Hurricane to come visit early Sunday morning. During the day Saturday, this storm was projected to pass directly over Celebration but at the last minute the storm continued to go west and defy the projects to turn north.

Since we had just bought a new mattress which was delayed in arriving due to Frances, I had a huge cardboard box which I cut in half and used duct tape to cover our front windows. I figured it would stop small debris from breaking the glass and offer some additional protection. It stayed on the windows until about 10 am Sunday, 2 hours after the eye had passed.

Saturday night we went to sleep after the 11 pm reports, which still showed us in the direct path, with the eye of the storm 30-40 miles wide and the full storm around 200 miles wide. The storm made landfall around just north Stuart (about 100 miles south of us) around 2am. The wind noise woke me up around 4:30 am. I got up and started watching the TV and web coverage which still projected the storm to come very close to us, but going a little further west; maybe to Tampa.

This storm was much stronger than Frances, but not as intense as Charley. But Charley was here and gone in less than 2 hours while winds from Jeanne were still here 36 hours later. I would guess the wind speed here in Celebration ranged from 70-80 mph with gusts to 100 for up to 4 or 5 hours. Jeanne passed south of us with the eye wall missing us by about 15 miles and then turned northwest when it was directly south of us and passed west of us about 15 miles. Because of this turn we had hurricane force winds from about 6am until around noon and tropical storm winds until midnight. Even the next day we still had strong wind gusts.

During the storm, we never lost electricity, phone or satellite TV. Celebration was protected once again by the Disney gods :) Heather will miss at least another 2 days of school :( After the storm passed we drove around Monday night and saw the damage to town. It seemed much less than Charley, with allot of trees and a few signs down, but no visible structural damage that we saw.        

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Before pictures

DSC05158.JPG DSC05159.JPG
DSC05160.JPG DSC05161.JPG DSC05162.JPG DSC05163.JPG

After pictures

DSC05165.JPG DSC05166.JPG DSC05167.JPG
DSC05168.JPG DSC05169.JPG DSC05170.JPG DSC05171.JPG
DSC05172.JPG DSC05173.JPG DSC05174.JPG DSC05175.JPG
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Gutter is still there, but it left sometime during the day?


Oreo was not happy


Our only damage, one downed tree.

DSC05181.JPG DSC05182.JPG DSC05183.JPG
DSC05184.JPG DSC05185.JPG DSC05186.JPG

Downtown Celebration


Down Sign :(

DSC05188.JPG DSC05189.JPG

US 192 damage near Old Towne

DSC05190.JPG DSC05191.JPG
DSC05192.JPG DSC05193.JPG DSC05194.JPG DSC05195.JPG

Back in Celebration

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DSC05204.JPG DSC05205.JPG DSC05206.JPG DSC05207.JPG

Most of the palms that were just stood up stayed up :)

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DSC05212.JPG DSC05213.JPG DSC05214.JPG DSC05215.JPG
DSC05216.JPG DSC05217.JPG DSC05218.JPG DSC05219.JPG
DSC05220.JPG DSC05221.JPG DSC05222.JPG DSC05223.JPG

Looking for our local gator?

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