Weekend With Bob

The weekend before Heather's adoption was finalized we took one last romantic weekend. Heather was off to spend the weekend with her Foster Mom and she left Bob home, so we decided to let him join us on our short trip to the beach.

We had a great weekend. Bob enjoyed his time too, he is one party bear. We stayed at a Pasa Tiempo B&B in St Pete Beach, in the honeymoon suite which included a hot tub, fireplace, and very nice view of the bay. The first Night we went to a local spot called Philty Phil's. It had a band on the roof that played Jimmy Buffet type music and the place reminded me of Bert's on the Bluff in Birmingham, but the food was great. We split Seafood Chowder, Crab Cake, Salad, Shrimp Skewers and Chocolate cake. The music was really loud outside, so after we finished dinner, we went across the street and sat in a little park on the channel and listened to the music. It was much better from a distance, I guess I am getting old :)

After dinner, we headed back to the B&B for some sparkling wine and bubble bath. We found Bob had gotten into the Root Beer and was in no condition to head out and party, but we heard later he was seen at Philty Phil's hanging from the rooftop :)

The next morning before breakfast, Bob hit the pool. Breakfast was a continental style serve yourself but had allot of variety and fresh food.  Then all 3 of us had in-room massage which was really nice. After the massage, we headed to the marina and took a short ferry ride to Shell Island. We spent about 2 hours shelling on the island and then went to Fort Desoto State Park for sun burning and swimming. We forgot the camera, so there are no pictures :( After spending most of the day at the beach, we got dressed up and went out for a nice dinner at the Don Cesar.

     The Don was very nice, Bob enjoyed the sunset, hot tub and bar area. For dinner we split Scallops appetizer, Vanilla Bean soap, Sea Bass and Chocolate Banana bread. After dinner we walked on the beach and then headed back to the B&B for sparkling wine and a bubble bath. Bob got into the bubbly a little too much and fell into the bubbles but he survived with just a few bubbles on his butt and feet.

Sunday morning,  Bob played Hide-n-Seek, took a boat ride on the owner's yacht and took a nap with Naomi. I guess he was real tired after all the partying. Before we left, Bob toured the gardens and posed for a few pictures with Angelisa in front of the B&B and then we were off to St Pete Pier and home via the Skyway Bridge. It was raining, so pictures of the bridge were not very good.



Bob on the bed


Mints on the bed


Bob and Root Beer


Bob on float in pool

DSC04178.JPG DSC04179.JPG

Pool side


Bob on the Bay


Bob on the pier

DSC04184.JPG DSC04185.JPG

Bob in the garden

DSC04186.JPG DSC04187.JPG

Bob looking for sights

DSC04188.JPG DSC04189.JPG
DSC04193.JPG DSC04194.JPG DSC04195.JPG DSC04196.JPG

Bob Chilling

DSC04198.JPG DSC04199.JPG

Bob's Massage


back rub :)


The Don Cesar

DSC04203.JPG DSC04204.JPG DSC04205.JPG
DSC04206.JPG DSC04207.JPG DSC04209.JPG

Bob on the balcony


Bob on the beach

DSC04212.JPG DSC04214.JPG

Bob watching sunset


Bob in front of Don


The Don Cesar



DSC04222.JPG DSC04224.JPG

Bob hanging out

by hot tub

DSC04233.JPG DSC04237.JPG

Bob in bubbles

DSC04238.JPG DSC04240.JPG

Bob playing hide-n-seek


Bob on Yacht

DSC04242.JPG DSC04243.JPG

Bob's nap


Bob in the garden

DSC04246.JPG DSC04247.JPG

Bob hanging in a tree


Bob in the tree

DSC04251.JPG DSC04252.JPG DSC04253.JPG DSC04254.JPG
DSC04255.JPG DSC04256.JPG DSC04257.JPG DSC04258.JPG
DSC04259.JPG DSC04260.JPG DSC04261.JPG DSC04262.JPG

Bob going for ride


Me and Bob

DSC04265.JPG DSC04266.JPG

Bob @ St Pete Pier

DSC04268.JPG DSC04269.JPG


DSC04270.JPG DSC04271.JPG
DSC04272.JPG DSC04273.JPG

We found Nemo :)

DSC04275.JPG DSC04276.JPG
DSC04279.JPG DSC04281.JPG DSC04282.JPG DSC04283.JPG
DSC04286.JPG DSC04289.JPG DSC04291.JPG

Angelisa is down there


Skyway Bridge

DSC04303.JPG DSC04304.JPG DSC04305.JPG DSC04307.JPG
DSC04309.JPG DSC04310.JPG DSC04311.JPG DSC04312.JPG

Bob in his favorite spot

DSC04316.JPG DSC04317.JPG DSC04318.JPG