Marie Osmond Birthday 2006

Friday, Oct 13

Started the day in line, with MJ, for the breakfast buffet.  Where we met this really sweet guy named Timothy.  He loves Marie and everything about her, he has at least 100 of her dolls,  We had allot of fun with Timothy during the weekend.

Breakfast started with rules by Lisa and then Marie came on stage.  She came out and welcomed us all.  Then there was the fashion show.  We were not allowed to take pictures during the show.  Though I wish we could have, not for the dolls, but of the guys and all the crazy things they did.  All the doll artists were introduced, so we could put faces with names.  Unfortunately my camera doesn't take good pictures in the dark and it was dark in there.

Then there was short break before Marie's talk.  Which was both emotional and at times funny.  She is great inspirational speaker.  Then there was a grab and go lunch, followed by different panels and discussions.  I had decided to skip these and go rent a car and see some sites. 

For me, it was to Temple Square first.  This is place I have wanted to see since I was child.  My mother loved the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, so I grew up listening to them.  She always said that one day she wanted to go there and hear them in person.  Sadly she never got that chance.  I  was hoping to do it for us this weekend, but they were not singing.  But I did feel like I lived out part of our dream to at least be there.  I wish I had more time, the grounds are beautiful there.  I would have love to have taken the garden tour.  Hopefully someday I will get back there and be able to spend time there.  As a Disney World cast member, we are told allot, how nice and pleasant we are ( we are suppose to be, doesn't always happen), lets just say, we could learn allot from the people that work at Temple Square, they have the best smiles, most pleasant voices and are happy to let you know where the rest room is. 

Then it was off to Salt Lake.  I knew not to expect much, but you grow up learning about this lake and I was too close to not see it.  I was told it was going to smell, at least from where I viewed the lake, there was no smell, but it sure wasn't pretty.  But I can now say I have been there, done that and that makes me happy.  Crazy I know, but I like to go and experience the places I travel to.

Then off to Lehi Roller Mills!!!!!!  Must say, this was huge surprise for me this trip and highlight of the trip as well.  Footloose was filmed here.  Many thanks to Tiffany at Meetings America for pointing this out to us.  I was surprised to find this place in Utah, on the side of an interstate none the less.  Took some pictures and then back to the hotel, to get ready for Marie's Birthday party.

The Barn at Thanksgiving Point was where the birthday party was held.  Once in the door, you got a group picture with Marie.  Sadly I never even got to see my picture. We started with appetizers and then dinner.  Then the entertainment.  I could have listen to Marie's kids, Stephen and  Rachael sing all night.  They are great. 

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Mitch's conehead still asleep


Lisa giving the rules

DSC08307.JPG DSC08309.JPG

Lisa and Marie

DSC08312.JPG DSC08313.JPG DSC08314.JPG
DSC08315.JPG DSC08316.JPG DSC08317.JPG

Marie and Tim Luke

DSC08319.JPG DSC08320.JPG

Tim doing his rendition of 9 to 5

DSC08321.JPG DSC08322.JPG
DSC08324.JPG DSC08325.JPG DSC08326.JPG DSC08327.JPG
DSC08328.JPG DSC08330.JPG DSC08332.JPG

Stephen signing after the fashion show

DSC08334.JPG DSC08335.JPG DSC08336.JPG

Stephen and MJ

DSC08338.JPG DSC08339.JPG DSC08340.JPG

Temple Square

DSC08342.JPG DSC08343.JPG DSC08344.JPG DSC08345.JPG
DSC08346.JPG DSC08347.JPG DSC08348.JPG DSC08349.JPG
DSC08350.JPG DSC08351.JPG

Statues on Temple Square

DSC08352.JPG DSC08353.JPG
DSC08354.JPG DSC08355.JPG DSC08356.JPG DSC08357.JPG
DSC08358.JPG DSC08359.JPG DSC08360.JPG DSC08361.JPG
DSC08362.JPG DSC08363.JPG DSC08364.JPG DSC08365.JPG
DSC08366.JPG DSC08367.JPG DSC08368.JPG

Bride on the steps of the stairs at the Temple

DSC08370.JPG DSC08371.JPG

Naomi in front of the Temple

DSC08372.JPG DSC08373.JPG

This waterfall is the start of a stream that runs though the property

DSC08375.JPG DSC08376.JPG DSC08377.JPG


DSC08380.JPG DSC08381.JPG DSC08382.JPG
DSC08383.JPG DSC08384.JPG DSC08385.JPG DSC08386.JPG

Old concert hall on the shore of Salt Lake


This is the smoke stack I flew over the day before and took a picture of

DSC08389.JPG DSC08390.JPG
DSC08391.JPG DSC08392.JPG DSC08393.JPG DSC08394.JPG
DSC08395.JPG DSC08396.JPG DSC08397.JPG DSC08398.JPG
DSC08399.JPG DSC08400.JPG DSC08401.JPG DSC08402.JPG
DSC08403.JPG DSC08404.JPG DSC08405.JPG DSC08406.JPG
DSC08407.JPG DSC08408.JPG DSC08409.JPG DSC08410.JPG
DSC08411.JPG DSC08412.JPG DSC08413.JPG DSC08414.JPG
DSC08415.JPG DSC08419.JPG DSC08420.JPG DSC08421.JPG
DSC08422.JPG DSC08423.JPG DSC08424.JPG DSC08425.JPG
DSC08426.JPG DSC08427.JPG DSC08428.JPG DSC08429.JPG
DSC08430.JPG DSC08431.JPG DSC08432.JPG DSC08433.JPG

Close up of the water

DSC08434.JPG DSC08435.JPG DSC08436.JPG

the "sand"

DSC08438.JPG DSC08439.JPG DSC08440.JPG DSC08441.JPG

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