Marie Osmond Birthday 2006

Thursday Oct 12

This day started incredibly early, 3:00am to be exact.  Got to the airport by 4:30, cleared security with no issues, though other people in my line had those "deadly liquids" and held up the line.  No delays with either flight and arrived safely in Salt Lake at 10:50am.  Meet the Meetings America people, got my one checked bag, which contained my "deadly liquids" and then waited with other doll people for the rest of the flights to arrive.  We finally left the airport at 12:30.  Tiffany was our tour guide from Meetings America for the bus ride.  She pointed out places of interest, Olympics sites, explained the letters on the mountains, Indian stories about a girl getting lost in the mountain and how she is now laying at the top of the mountain.  Then the best, she pointed out a mill that Footloose was filmed at!!!!  I love that movie!  Never knew it was filmed in Utah.  Thanks Tiffany for pointing that out.

Arrived at the hotel, got all checked in  and registered.  A little bit of confusion, Mitch made the reservation, so it was in his name.  In all, checking in with Charisma and the hotel, took less then 10 minutes!!  Super fast and organized.  Great job!

Then off to buy Baby Donny and T-Shirt, but sadly they had already sold out of the white medium shirts by 2:00pm on Thursday.  Wish there had been more small sizes, but going up to a large was no an option, since a medium was already going to be big  on me.  Then got the rob and slippers for MOD Squad Adora Belle

Then up to my room, to settle in and try to rest.  Got myself all settle in just in time for MJ to show up.  I was on the phone when MJ came back to the room with a bell hop and cart full of dolls!!  Looked like she showed up with a store.  I rested while MJ got her self checked in and looked around.

Then it was off to the Fiesta Dinner.  This was nice, but there were so many of us, that we were in the one of the small side rooms.  Lots of dolls given away.  I was falling asleep at the table by this time.  I hadn't had a meal all day and was looking forward to this, but I was way too tired to eat much.

Then back to the hotel and sleep for me, by 8:45pm, mountain time.

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Pictures from the plane. 


I love the Rocky Mountains from the air, their snow caps


Crop circles

DSC08265.JPG DSC08266.JPG DSC08267.JPG DSC08268.JPG
DSC08269.JPG DSC08271.JPG DSC08272.JPG DSC08273.JPG

some sort of canyon

DSC08274.JPG DSC08275.JPG DSC08277.JPG DSC08278.JPG
DSC08279.JPG DSC08280.JPG DSC08281.JPG

no idea what water this is, but it seemed really still and muddy

DSC08283.JPG DSC08284.JPG DSC08286.JPG

first glimpse of Salt Lake. This is just a smoke stack

DSC08288.JPG DSC08290.JPG

Looks really pretty from the air

DSC08291.JPG DSC08292.JPG
DSC08293.JPG DSC08295.JPG DSC08296.JPG DSC08297.JPG

MJ with the sign for our floor


MJ with Donny


Fiesta Dinner  Sherri, Phyllis, MJ

DSC08300.JPG DSC08301.JPG

Doll that Rhonda won


Doll Reader photographer.  He was allot of fun.

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