IDEX Marie Osmond Doll Signing & IDEX displays 2007

We got in line for the signing around 11:30 and Marie was about 30 minutes late, but the line moved pretty go. ( with the exception of the very front of the line, they were allotted 2 seconds each and went way over that ;)  )  Thanks Donna and Terri  ;)  We finally got our turn around 1:30.   We spent our time in line, being entertained by the cutest little 8 year old girl, Emmie.  She is just adorable!!  And as always, Marie loved her and gave her lots of attention during their time with her.

Marie was wonderful as usual and gave us allot of time. First, Naomi had a picture taken of just Marie and a doll she got in a auction in Utah, then Naomi talked about doll stuff, I talked about Coneheads and the meaning of life :)  We tried to explain the Conehead, that I wore it when I asked Naomi to marry me, Naomi took it to Utah to get signed, she remembered us from the concert and that she took it from me during the concert and looked at it. Marie was amazed that Naomi said "Yes".  We also talked about the artwork that her brother Jimmy did for us for my daughter Katie.  We had a blast and then Marie decided to sign my neck. Who know she was nuts too? I ran into another guy she signed too?  Terri's husband.  Guess these guys will never bathe again  ;)

We then wandered around a little and came back to Marie.  I took pictures of almost every doll in the display and then some. Unfortunately when Marie was about to leave, we took a few pictures without the flash and the camera just didn't focus. It wasn't until she was walking out the door that we realized the flash wasn't up, so there 3 of the last 4 rows are fuzzy, do not adjust your set :) 

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All pictures are clickable for full size.


Front of the signing line

P1000237.JPG P1000238.JPG P1000239.JPG
P1000240.JPG P1000242.JPG

Emmie and Naomi.

P1000243.JPG P1000244.JPG
P1000245.JPG P1000246.JPG P1000247.JPG

Last in line :)


Emmie and her mom


Marie and her #4 doll, Baby Cuddles.


She checked to make sure she really signed it.


Signing Baby Adorabelle Pretty in Pink


She is getting me a new mitten, since the original one doesn't fit


signing the Angle Baby trio tiny tots.


Mitch's doll choice for the signing was the tiny tots.

P1000256.JPG P1000257.JPG

She also signed the Fairy that Mitch won


Group photo

P1000262.JPG P1000263.JPG P1000266.JPG

Figment pin


Baby Betty Boop


Lisa said she has a head the size of a bowling ball!! Trust Lisa, it is a really big head!

P1000269.JPG P1000270.JPG

Kewpie's!!!  I LOVE Kewpies and won quite a few


Can someone explain the flat headed Kewpie to me???


Baton Twirling Kewpie is a must have.

P1000275.JPG P1000276.JPG P1000277.JPG P1000278.JPG
P1000279.JPG P1000280.JPG P1000281.JPG P1000282.JPG
P1000283.JPG P1000284.JPG P1000285.JPG P1000286.JPG
P1000287.JPG P1000288.JPG P1000289.JPG

Beautiful doll!


This doll is just too cute for words or pictures

P1000294.JPG P1000295.JPG P1000296.JPG
P1000297.JPG P1000298.JPG P1000299.JPG P1000300.JPG
P1000301.JPG P1000302.JPG P1000303.JPG P1000305.JPG
P1000306.JPG P1000307.JPG P1000310.JPG P1000312.JPG
P1000313.JPG P1000314.JPG P1000315.JPG P1000316.JPG

Creepy, where are there bodie??

P1000317.JPG P1000318.JPG P1000319.JPG

So soft

P1000322.JPG P1000323.JPG P1000324.JPG P1000325.JPG
P1000326.JPG P1000327.JPG

Mitch's must have doll

P1000328.JPG P1000329.JPG

Love those shoes!!


Chris' husband

P1000331.JPG P1000332.JPG P1000333.JPG

Almost Tim and Cheryl's turn.

P1000334.JPG P1000335.JPG P1000336.JPG P1000337.JPG
P1000338.JPG P1000339.JPG P1000340.JPG

And Tim says he doesn't like his picture taken!!  I don't believe him

P1000342.JPG P1000343.JPG P1000344.JPG P1000345.JPG
P1000349.JPG P1000351.JPG P1000352.JPG P1000353.JPG
P1000355.JPG P1000358.JPG P1000359.JPG

Security lady that worked line, who really wanted a picture with Marie.

P1000362.JPG P1000363.JPG

So disappointed that this didn't turn out

P1000364.JPG P1000365.JPG
P1000366.JPG P1000367.JPG P1000368.JPG P1000369.JPG

Marie and friends have left the building.

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