IDEX Marie Osmond Brunch 2007

We got to the brunch at 8am (1 hour before the event) and there were 50 people already there. The first person in line had been there since 6:30am. Once the doors opened we made our way to the front right hand table which was completely empty but not reserved, so we had a great spot for pictures, right in front of the podium. 

After we got settled, we had breakfast, probably the low of the day, nothing like years past and they ran out of food before everyone even got what little they had. It was more of a continental breakfast than a brunch, with coffee/tea, bagels, fruit & egg sandwich. I need to diet anyway :)

Marie mentioned she was really sick the night before, but was feeling better today.  Though she didn't do as much talking at the brunch as she usually did, I think she may have still been feeling a little under the weather.  But you would never have known it, she held up all day, beautifully!!  She sure knows how to make her fans happy.  Thanks Marie and hope you are feeling better.

Marie was wonderful as usual. Her Friend; Ranelle Wallace gave a really inspirational speech and they gave away 16 dolls by the ticket stubs, we didn't win as usual :( Then at the end she said we could have the chair decorations and the person with the closest birthday at each table could have the doll in the centerpiece. I got so excited and raised my hands, then realize, maybe one of the other 9 people at the table had a birthday TODAY or yesterday, but no, it was mine, my first win of anything in my life :) She is a Sabrina Fairy Tot, cute for a doll :) I had my picture taken with Marie, Sabrina and my Conehead before we left the Brunch.

Unlike in the past, there was no restriction on pictures. She showed a little slideshow of some of the dolls and I tried to take pictures of them. The pictures seem a little white because of the screen, but they generally have pretty good detail.     

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All pictures are clickable for full size.


Brunch Line

P1000131.JPG P1000132.JPG

Me & Conehead



P1000136.JPG P1000137.JPG



Butterfly chair decor


Goodie bags


Sabrina Fairy Tot


Butterfly Bracelet


Keepsake Valentine IDEX 2007

P1000148.JPG P1000151.JPG P1000152.JPG P1000153.JPG
P1000154.JPG P1000155.JPG P1000156.JPG P1000157.JPG

This is a tiny little doll, smaller then tiny tots

P1000159.JPG P1000163.JPG P1000165.JPG

much cuter in person then the pictures

P1000168.JPG P1000171.JPG P1000172.JPG

This is Mitch's must have doll!!!

P1000178.JPG P1000179.JPG P1000180.JPG
P1000182.JPG P1000185.JPG P1000187.JPG P1000188.JPG
P1000192.JPG P1000193.JPG P1000194.JPG P1000195.JPG
P1000197.JPG P1000199.JPG P1000200.JPG P1000203.JPG
P1000209.JPG P1000211.JPG P1000213.JPG P1000215.JPG
P1000216.JPG P1000217.JPG P1000219.JPG P1000220.JPG
P1000222.JPG P1000223.JPG P1000224.JPG P1000225.JPG

Doll give aways

P1000227.JPG P1000228.JPG P1000229.JPG
P1000230.JPG P1000232.JPG P1000233.JPG

My winnings :)


Marie, Sabrina, Me and Conehead

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