August 31,1999

The final day of the trip was over shadowed by Hurricane Dennis. Since it was so close, we did not leave at our scheduled time of 5am, but rather at 8am, when the sun was clearly up. Because of the high winds, I was concerned of debris on the roads. I saw a few trees down, but the roads were clear. We had no problems, but did have 12 hours of driving about 750 miles (the first 4 hours being non-interstate). We had a nice drive, but no sights. The few pictures below represent the lowest number of pictures we ever took on any one day. They aren't very exciting either, a few shots of the surf and wind. The first picture has a fish jumping in it, the sixth is a aircraft carrier, the eight shows Blue Eyes just over 50K miles. We got home at 8:45 pm, after which I washed & dried the car and removed his bra for a few days.   

The next day I got up at 5am and drove 180 miles to Birmingham, Al for work. We had a bomb scare at 1:15 pm and they sent us all home for the rest of the day. Unfortunately, when they evacuated, I expected to be going back, so I left my laptop at my desk. I was able to go back at 6 pm to get my laptop so I could finish the trip story. I will post a final summary in a few days.

surf outside our window w/ fish jumping
Palm tress blowing
Virginia border
Chesapeake bay bridge
waves near bridge
Aircraft carrier
North Carolina Border
50,008 miles (707.1 on this tank of fuel)
South Carolina border
Georgia border