DriversFest 99 Road Trip Summary

Our second road trip of the summer is now history and here is a re-cap and statistics. First I want to thank everyone who participated either via the cyber vacation or actually meeting us during the trip. There are definitely too many to thank individually, but to name a few, Howie in Hamilton, Ontario who put us up for the night in our moment of need, Ann & Paul the Herbie contest winners, and Becca for her guidance in NYC.

Katie's comments unedited, but very short, She is back in school now. The statistics and my comments follow:

Katie said:

dear daddy,

I thought the trip was cool.  The 2 places I would have liked to spend more time in where N.Y.C. and Washington D.C.   I enjoyed my stay in both and I just wish we could have done more.

******************************* end of Katie's comments***************************
Mitch said:


Duration: 12 days, starting on Friday, August 20 at 5 am and ending on Tuesday, August 31 at 9 pm.

Miles: 4436 averaging 370 miles & 5.5 hours a day.

Fuel: 7 fill-ups averaging 49 mpg while averaging 70 mph. We used a total of 90.61 gallons @ an average cost of $1.331/g for a total cost of $120.63.

Hotels: Howie Inn, Patti & Kevin's Inn, Courtyard in DC, Comfort Suites(3), Renaissance @ Times Square, Victoria's Historic Inn  (The service & facility were the best at the Renaissance @ Times Square, followed closely by the Howie Inn:)

States/Provinces: (20) Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, DC, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New York, Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Price Edward Island, Nova Scotia, Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia.

NBs: Blue Eyes meet many of his sisters and brothers across the land. There were groups in DC, Niagara Falls and Long Island @ DriversFest, plus Benot near Quebec City, Paul on PEI, Kristine in RI.

Herbies: We gave away 2 giant Herbies, 9 large Herbies and 16 key chain Herbies for a total of 27.  Best Herbie give-away was Anne in DC, she came prepared with a sign in her car.

Photos: 916 taken and 685 published on our web site. Taken with a Sony FD-91 digital camera with a 14x zoom and auto-stuff. We took many of the scenic photos while driving 70+ mph out the window, I was very happy with the results, most of the bad pictures were due to operator error.

Music (These are all the CDs we played during the trip):

1) Faith Hill: Faith
2) Pink Floyd: Wish you were here
3) Queen: A night at the opera
4) Meat Loaf: A Bat out of Hell
5) K-Ci and JoJo: It's Real
6) The Kinleys: Just between you and Me
7) This is country: '98 Vol. 1
8) Jennifer Lopez: On the 6
9) Fleetwood Mac- The Dance
10) Sugar Ray: 14:59

11) The Scarlet Letter on tape

Wife: She spent one week at the beach during our trip in Panama City, Florida.

The good, bad and ugly summary.

The Good:

The driving was great, the car was comfortable the whole trip, I never felt exhausted. I loved the VW events/gatherings with all the NB list folks. Especially Naomi. She was a doll during my minor crisis (Katie locked the keys in the car:( Her and hubby were great buddies at Driversfest.  The contest awards where fun. Washington DC with all the park and nature areas was great and so was our night in Old Towne. New York City was much better than I expected. I really enjoyed walking around, Times Square and the play "Tony & Tina's Wedding". 

The Bad:

The complete lack of wildlife during the whole trip:( I really expected to see some wildlife, especially north of Quebec. We also missed our planned JetBoat white water ride in Montreal & sightseeing in Quebec because of the car trouble.

The Ugly:

Without question the broken window was the ugly. Because of the broken window at the Canadian border, we missed our stay at the SkyDome in Toronto, and sightseeing throughout Canada. We ended up driving completely through the country for almost 3 days and not able to stop for almost anything.


It was a great trip, I enjoyed being with Katie for a extended period. But because of the car trouble we did not see much other than DC & NYC.

Would I do it again?

Yes. Anything to spend time with Katie and help show her part of the world is wonderful.

What would I change?

I would spend more time in NYC (Never thought I would say that, but it was great). I would also add another two day in Canada and another day in the Northeast in general. In some cases stuff is closer together than out west, but there is more stuff to see. I would guess 15-18 days would be great for this trip.