Roswell 2Kv10 Road Trip

June 30, 2009

This is day 7 & final day of the trip. We started the day with a Cowboy Morning Breakfast @ the Palo Duro Canyon. There was about 2" of rain the night before, so the dirt road into the Elkins Ranch was a mud hole.  Angelisa was a mess afterwards, thankfully it was after the car show.  The breakfast was good but I preferred the breakfast across the canyon because of the kid activities (horses, lassos, cow chip tossing & food cooked over open fire, not just served from the Dutch ovens).  The comedy show this year was a little more adult oriented.

After breakfast, we headed for a Museum in Canyon, TX and then headed toward home.  Our first major stop was in Oklahoma City for the Federal Building Memorial.  Then we headed on to a little Route 66 trip and stopped at the Pop's Gas station, diner & store for dinner.  After dinner we made a couple of stopped just for photos and arrived home around 11:30pm CST Tuesday night.

The final day I wore this shirt from the Little A'Le'Inn in Rachael, NV


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