Roswell 2Kv10 Road Trip

June 29, 2009

This is day 6 of the trip. We started this day at 47 degrees in the mountains near Taos, NM. Our first stop was at Wal-Mart to pick up some disposable cameras and chap-stick before heading for the start of the White Water Rafting on the Rio Grande. The water temperature was in the 60s, so we didn't need any extra gear. I thought the kids would be scared stiff, but they loved it. The river was classified with Class 1 to 3 rapids, it was generally pretty tame, but they said the water level had doubled in the last 2 days. It was a safe first rafting for both of them, and with Donny only 11 years old, it was the highest Class rapid he could do. 

I was able to get the pictures developed at a Walgreen's in Espanola, NM and put on CD, so they are included below (although in no particular order, both cameras pictures are combined randomly). We had lunch at a local Mexican restaurant while we waited for the pictures that was very good. After lunch the pictures were done ahead of schedule and we headed for a small Chapel the kids picked from the travel books, Loretta Chapel in downtown Santa Fe, NM.

Then our only stopped the rest of the day were for gas and the Cadillac Ranch. We arrived in Amarillo around 8pm.  A good day and Donny generally behaved well all day.

Today I wore this year's R2R Event Shirt


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