Roswell 2Kv10 Road Trip

June 27, 2009

This is day 4 of the trip. I started the day with going to Katie's bench and dropping off the Flagstone.  Then came back to the hotel for breakfast, followed by washing the car for the show. We did a basic wash & vacuum in about 15 minutes and we were ready for the show.  We arrived about in the  middle of the group and ended up parking in the middle of the lot, landlocked in. We took a special green screen photo with the car and then tried to stay out of the sun most of the day.  We toured the UFO museum and spent allot of time under the large tent.

After the museum, I walked around and took pictures of every car. I also checked speedometer and took pictures of the cars in excess of 100,000 miles.  Then we walked to lunch.  We walked 2 block's off of main to Margarita's for lunch (recommended by a local store owner). Odd combination though, Buffet with Mexican, Chinese & American.  We did allot of just hanging out and socializing, but mainly just trying to stay cool.

Maybe it is a bad week, maybe it was this bad before; but I just don't remember.  This week has been extremely hot. It was extremely uncomfortable by 9:30 am and just got worst. Oh, did I say it was HOT!!!!!

 The zoo brought out some animals to show off, I assume they were hot too. The show finally came to close and I helped back up and get ready for the parade.  I had bought allot of candy for the kids, but that was a waste. I think partly because of the heat & partly because of the route and traffic control; we had very few spectators.

I also believe the police had a goal to get us off the road in 90 seconds or less from end-2-end. It was nothing like a parade I have every done.  The only closed traffic in one directly, so throwing candy just got reduced to one side only.  I gave all the candy to the hotel clerk.

We then had about 2 hours before the dinner started. The dinner was nice, good food, Slide Show by Cameron was great, including a tribute to Katie. It lasted until around 10pm, with allot of giveaways. I got my ticket drawn 6 of 9 times. Hope our kids weren't cheating, as they were selected to help Jerry with drawing the winners.

I want to thank the little people, without his help I wouldn't have won 6 raffle prizes, the one and only "MCJerry"


The shirts for today


Car show and Parade Shirt

R2K 2001 Event Shirt


Worn in the afternoon while chilling


R2K 2004 Event Shirt worn during Dinner


R2K 2000 Event Shirt donated to raffle.


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P1110710.JPG P1110719.JPG P1110720.JPG P1110721.JPG
P1110722.JPG P1110725.JPG P1110726.JPG P1110727.JPG
P1110728.JPG P1110730.JPG P1110732.JPG P1110734.JPG
P1110736.JPG P1110737.JPG P1110738.JPG P1110739.JPG
P1110746.JPG P1110748.JPG P1110749.JPG P1110751.JPG
P1110753.JPG P1110755.JPG P1110757.JPG P1110759.JPG
P1110761.JPG P1110762.JPG P1110764.JPG P1110765.JPG
P1110767.JPG P1110768.JPG P1110770.JPG P1110772.JPG
P1110774.JPG P1110776.JPG P1110777.JPG P1110780.JPG
P1110782.JPG P1110785.JPG P1110786.JPG P1110787.JPG
P1110789.JPG P1110790.JPG P1110791.JPG P1110792.JPG
P1110794.JPG P1110795.JPG P1110796.JPG P1110797.JPG
P1110798.JPG P1110799.JPG P1110800.JPG P1110801.JPG
P1110802.JPG P1110804.JPG P1110805.JPG P1110809.JPG
P1110810.JPG P1110811.JPG P1110812.JPG P1110813.JPG
P1110814.JPG P1110815.JPG P1110816.JPG P1110817.JPG
P1110818.JPG P1110819.JPG P1110820.JPG P1110821.JPG
P1110823.JPG P1110824.JPG P1110825.JPG P1110827.JPG
P1110829.JPG P1110831.JPG P1110832.JPG P1110834.JPG
P1110835.JPG P1110836.JPG P1110838.JPG P1110839.JPG
P1110840.JPG P1110842.JPG P1110843.JPG P1110844.JPG
P1110845.JPG P1110847.JPG P1110848.JPG P1110849.JPG
P1110850.JPG P1110852.JPG P1110854.JPG P1110855.JPG
P1110857.JPG P1110858.JPG P1110859.JPG P1110860.JPG
P1110861.JPG P1110862.JPG P1110864.JPG P1110865.JPG
P1110866.JPG P1110869.JPG P1110870.JPG P1110871.JPG
P1110873.JPG P1110874.JPG P1110875.JPG P1110877.JPG
P1110879.JPG P1110881.JPG P1110882.JPG P1110883.JPG
P1110884.JPG P1110885.JPG P1110887.JPG P1110888.JPG
P1110889.JPG P1110891.JPG P1110893.JPG P1110895.JPG
P1110897.JPG P1110898.JPG P1110900.JPG P1110902.JPG
P1110904.JPG P1110906.JPG P1110907.JPG P1110908.JPG
P1110909.JPG P1110910.JPG P1110912.JPG P1110913.JPG
P1110914.JPG P1110915.JPG P1110917.JPG P1110918.JPG
P1110919.JPG P1110921.JPG P1110922.JPG P1110923.JPG
P1110925.JPG P1110926.JPG P1110927.JPG P1110929.JPG
P1110930.JPG P1110931.JPG P1110932.JPG P1110934.JPG
P1110935.JPG P1110936.JPG P1110937.JPG P1110938.JPG
P1110939.JPG P1110940.JPG P1110941.JPG P1110942.JPG
P1110944.JPG P1110945.JPG P1110949.JPG P1110950.JPG
P1110954.JPG P1110956.JPG P1110958.JPG P1110960.JPG
P1110968.JPG P1110969.JPG P1110970.JPG P1110976.JPG
P1110978.JPG P1110986.JPG P1110988.JPG P1110989.JPG
P1110990.JPG P1110992.JPG P1110994.JPG P1110997.JPG

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Pods of Mileage

Here is a list of the 18 Pods I found with over 100,000 miles in attendance. 1 WITH OVER 300,000 MILES AND 4 MORE WITH OVER 200,000 MILES.

Name the Owner, Pod & home base ????

Ranking Car Speedometer Mileage Owner / Name of Car / Home ???
1 P1110915.JPG P1110919.JPG 338,158  
2 P1110831.JPG P1110832.JPG 243,721  
3 P1110782.JPG P1110785.JPG 230,069  
4 P1110895.JPG P1110898.JPG 203,856  
5 P1110840.JPG P1110842.JPG 203,804  
6 P1110929.JPG P1110932.JPG 184,955  
7 P1110940.JPG P1110941.JPG 179.019  
8 P1110910.JPG P1110912.JPG 173,923  
9 P1110776.JPG P1110777.JPG 161,832  
10 P1110861.JPG P1110862.JPG 148,288

238,648 (km)

11 P1110884.JPG P1110885.JPG 132,592  
12 P1110789.JPG P1110790.JPG 127,880  
13 P1110772.JPG P1110774.JPG 124, 714  
14 P1110937.JPG P1110938.JPG 121,990  
15 P1110889.JPG P1110891.JPG 105,079  
16 P1110850.JPG P1110852.JPG 104,075  
17 P1110870.JPG P1110871.JPG 103,479  
18 P1110791.JPG P1110792.JPG 100,722  

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