Roswell 2Kv10 Road Trip

June 25, 2009

This is day 2 of the trip. We started on schedule around 8am leaving the hotel with 13 bugs in the caravan and one straggler who eventually met up with us just after the Bug Ranch.  The ride was good, a little road construction and the parts of Route 66 we covered in Texas were really rough. But all in all, nice ride. We passed what claimed to be the largest Cross in the northern hemisphere, and a strange camper, car/boat combination on the way. I stopped for the traditional border photos for Texas & New Mexico and we stopped for a few minutes at the Bug Ranch before arriving in Amarillo.   During our visit to the Big Texan in Amarillo I had planned to split the big 72oz steak with my kids, but my son was especially whiny today and when he found out he could get a free cowboy hat with his "kid's meal" he wanted nothing to do with a big steak. So I had a Lunch Prime Rib, sautéed mushrooms, baked potato & corn w/sweet tea that was a very good meal. The Eastern caravan met us at the Big Texan and we rolled out of Amarillo with 19 bugs and then travel to Roswell.

After arriving in Roswell, we met up with everyone already here at the north side of town for the grand entrance. I have no idea how many bugs we had, I would guess near 50. We cruised to the Sally Port and filled the front parking lot. I ran around and took pictures along with everyone else plus a couple of reporters. I spoke to one of them for a few minutes and he took allot of pictures of Angelisa and me. I guess I will have to check the papers and see if I made an article. 

Then we checked in and freshened up and headed to Tia's.  We made a quick stop at the Sunken Gardens to do a basic survey and take a couple of pictures of Katie's bench.  It is in better shape than last time we were here. Hopefully we can get it cleaned up on Sunday. 

We then headed to the city limit sign for a picture that is completely messed up. I need "Photos for Dummies" as the pictures are all washed out and I have no idea what I did. I noticed when I was building the page my first 20 pictures of the day were all washed out too :(

When we got to Tia's I realized I have a Left Front flat tire. We had dinner, Donny was really irritated all day and during dinner wasn't any different. Thankfully the meds started to kick in before we left.

I assume I have a nail; as my LF hasn't lost any air in months and I checked them all yesterday morning last thing before leaving home.

After trying 3 service stations without any luck; I finally returned to the truck stop north of town. They had air or claimed to, but when I attached the hose it drained everything left out of the tire.

I then drove it to the "Truck side" (you know where TDIs go for fuel). There I was able to fill the tire, but then the valve stem let go and the tire went flat. Not sure if the stem was the original problem or if it failed because the tire so low (not on the rim, but close by the time I drained it at the front of the Truck Stop).

Next I pulled out the spare (yes, I do have one mounted on the same alloy wheel. But it is a little wore tire; so I have to get the original tire checked and fixed or replaced tomorrow. Wal-Mart Auto opens at 7am.  We stopped at Wal-Mart on the way back to the hotel and checked out the Alien stuff; they have an Old Bug Alien shirt which looked nice.

Glad I wasn't planning on anything in the morning but sleeping and talking to the Park's Department.

P1110464.JPG Today shirts were from a Road Trip in 1998 by a group from California worn during today's travels and one of the original R2K event shirts from 2000 for Tia's and the tire changing. P1110450.JPG

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