Roswell 2Kv10 Road Trip

June 24, 2009

Today is the first day of the trip. I started the day  with 183,964 miles on Angelisa, 2 kids and a full tank of gas.  I left home around 8am and headed for Tulsa to meet the Central Caravan.  Our first stop was the Will Rogers Museum, followed by a visit to the JM Davis Arms Museum. The museum claimed to have over 50,000 weapons and it is the largest privately owned gun collection.  I went by the Blue Whale to see if anyone had arrived around noon, but the caravan was running a little late, so we headed to Wendy's to cool down and get a snack. We went by the Blue Whale again and I noticed a red NB convertible just arriving, so I pulled in.  The caravan was another hour late, but they arrived with 8 New Beetles. After a short meet & greet, we headed for the The Rock CafeDuring the trip our temperature hit 113 degrees. The car ran ok, but she wasn't real happy. We traveled between Tulsa & Oklahoma City primarily on old Route 66. We arrived at the hotel around 6:45 and walked across the street to Shorty Small's for dinner.  I had some good BBQ.  I am so tired, as I didn't sleep well last night.

The shirt of the day was from R2K 2002



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