Roswell 2Kv10 Road Trip - June 2009

Statistics -

Duration: 7 days, starting on Wednesday June 24 and ending on Tuesday June 30.

Miles: 2,232 total miles; averaging 319 miles & 4.5 hours driving a day.

Gas: 7 fill-ups averaging 27.63 mpg while averaging 70-75 mph. We used a total of 80.733 gallons @ an average cost of $2.521/g for a total cost of $203.51.

Hotels: Howard Johnson Express Inn, SallyPort (Best Western), Sipapu Ski and Summer Resort & La Quinta,  Average cost per night $60 including taxes.

States: (4) Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico.

NBs: Angelisa met many of her sisters and brothers across the land. There were individual sightings during the trip plus the Central & Eastern combined Caravans of 19 NBs, then at R2K Car Show had a total of 53 bugs.

Photos: 1,581 taken and 657 published on our web site. Taken with a Panasonic digital camera with a 12x zoom and auto-stuff. We took many of the scenic photos while driving 70+ mph out the window, I was very happy with the results, most of the bad pictures were due to operator error or poor lighting.

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
  Mitch Heather Donald
The Good Seeing all my old friends, traveling to Roswell, visiting Katie's bench Car Show, White Water Rafting & Cowboy Breakfast  
The Bad Naomi not attending & email issues nothing  
The Ugly

Heat & Parade

(35+ mph is NOT a parade)

Conclusion Great time, wish I had more time to hang out Very fun  
Would I do it again? Yes Yeah  
What would I change? Naomi joining us & Cooler weather  Ride in front seat